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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Story


Tomorrow (31/12) new little heroes will arrive at school. Standard 1 Orientation Day. Welcome my dear to this facinating world. See? Don't cry...Am here for you. Soon you shall see the wonders. To my other heroes whom will start schooling again next week, take care of your little sisters and brothers. Love you all.

The day after tomorrow, Saturday is New Year 2011. I always hope and pray so that those who wish to celebrate this occasion, their iman are strengthened. Isn't it beautiful if we welcome Year 2011 with a du'a and prayers to The Almighty?

Last Friday (24/12), during the school's textbook and uniform selling session, a colleague opened my money box used to keep any cash recieved from parents. This little conversation took place:

-She: Pernah kerja dengan orang Cina ke?
-Me: Tak pernah. Kenapa kak?
-She: Duit tersusun macam stail orang Cina buat. Akak dulu pernah kerja 1 tahun dengan orang Cina. They are usually like this.
-Me: =)

I 'unconsciously' arranged those money according to their denominations (RM 100, RM 50, RM 10, RM 5, RM 1), their 'age' (old/ new). It goes same to the coins.

Sometimes it is related to me being a little bit 'perfectionist'. My weakness, I admit. It could cause troubles, sometimes. Would not change my stand unless people gave me a GOOD reason.


Just realised that I got these collections of brooches and pins. Minus those left at home. Minus those safety pins used to secure my tudungs in the middle fold. Kira la sendiri ya... I wear those pins with such designs mainly to cheer up my students and make them happy.

I wonder...and amazed on how parents sacrifice their own needs to make their kids happy.


p/s: In the middle of doing the Rancangan Mengajar Tahunan. Habis 3 biji kiwi dimakan sambil-sambil

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A driving last!


Pinjam anak orang sat masa kenduri cousin baru-baru ini. Rasa macam nak angkut bawak balik je :p

Today I take a leave from work. To take my JPJ on the road test. Alhamdulillah. I've made it. After going through the pains, waiting etc. Now...I know mum and dad are waiting for me to be their driver.

A Chinese uncle at the test centre (I thinks he is a driving instructor) talked to me while waiting for my parents to pick me up. He said that, after getting my license, I should do more practice as there's a lot of 'new' drivers who are excited and end their lives. Nauzubillah minzalik...berazam untuk menjadi pemandu yang berhemah, Insya Allah. Thank You uncle.

Prepared to continue work tomorrow.

Allah Knows Best.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Une Bonne Education


(I guess I'm addicted to these cute Minuscule videos)

One fine day (I can't exactly remember when) around this month, watched the news and there, one of Malaysia's leader said that they will use new ways and methods in approaching the youngsters today. One of the reason is due to the rise of criminal cases and problems they involved in.

What methods? Is it again concerts, shows, gigs, reality shows, weird fashions? It is what I observe nowadays.

Or by encouraging mat rempit by making a circuit (litar lumba) for them? I just giggled to myself upon hearing this. Mat rempit is not the same as KL Grand Prix Motor Sport. I bet Valentino Rossi and Schumacher themselves doesn't go around the city on their big bikes and endangering others on the road. Carrying around 'girlfriend' that shall be used as a 'payment or reward' for their racing, making noises late in the night. Still want to make a special racing circuit for them? Ada idea tak nak buat litar untuk bas? Without the passengers on board. *sigh*

It is a good idea if they are planning to organize motivation camp that is packed with the element of ruuh or ibadah. They could also make a campaign (and SHOW EXAMPLE) to encourage youngsters to perform solat and other related ibadah at the mosque, tadabbur Al- Qur'an, respect others and themselves.

"Sesungguhnya jihad yang paling susah adalah melawan hawa nafsu diri sendiri"

Being in the field of education for almost 5 years (including my part time teachings) made me aware the importance of showing good examples. I know that students like to observe their teacher- what we wear, our style of presentation, how we speak. What's more if its the persons closest to themselves such as their parents and family members.

There are 24 hours in a day-7 hours only students spend their time in school. What about the remaining 17 hours? Most probably at home right?.

I once wrote about what my lecturer, Dr Haslina said. She told the class that a child's education begun the moment on how mum and dad met.

A sahabah once met the Prophet S.A.W to complain about his son's bad manners and adab. The Prophet S.A.W then said that that particular sahabah had chosen the wrong mother for the son.

(muhasabah diri sat...)

And my mum said what the father did during pregnancy also influences a child's attitude and manners. And later how parents educate their children during their childhood years. Did they just leave the responsibilities to the hands of child-care centers or a bibik and return back from work when the kids are already asleep?

Another important factor in a child's education and tarbiyyah is food. What they consume-halal toyyiba. Scientifically and from the religious aspect. What did a kid eat, how did his/ parents obtain or prepares it, did the child remember (or did his parents teach him the related adabs of eating)? Are the food healthy and nutritious? Me myself...could count how many glasses of carbonated drinks I consumed each year. 1-2 glasses the most. Not really glasses. Just few sips.

I am also really thankful to mum for not teaching us (me and sister) to eat junk foods (the Javanese said: Jajan). Until now, I only eat pieces of asam/ jeruk just to merasa. Want a more finger licking food? Don't forget dashes of sincerity, salawat, and observe your prayers and ibadah.

Would I be the best educator for my kids?

Une Bonne Education- French words meaning: A Good Education.

A kind reminder to my self.

Allah Knows Best.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work's Box of Chocolate


Life is like a box of chocolate. You would not know what you will get...

Yesterday (20/12/2010)

Return to Gombak to prepare for work today.

Had a short YM session with my bestfriend Tasnim. Guess what? She'll be back from Australia Insya Allah tomorrow (22/12/2010) instead of this weekend (26/12/2010). Have a safe journey home Nemo. Australia is one of destinations that I wish to explore in the future.

At night, while I was doing some editing to my client's photos, heard a loud bang. At first, I taught it was a sound effect from the music video I was listening to but I later discovered that two cars collided into each other...just in front of my rumah sewa here. Alhamdulillah no one is hurt. Only damages to the cars.

Slept at 3 am and woke up this morning at 6 am to prepare for work. Last touch-ups to Yatt's wedding photos as I have to hand them over to her this morning.

Today (21/12/2010)

Wake up for Subh prayer, prepare myself (if during my days at the asrama, we called it khidmat diri). Excited and eager to start work back after 1 and half months of break. On my way to the bus stop, saw a dead cat. Oooooh...I walked quickly so that I wouldn't have to stare and observe it for long. Two of my kittens were hit by a car in front of my eyes when I was about 12 years old while waiting for mum to send me to school. I was quiet the whole day at school back then...

Arrived at school and met with my colleagues I had not met for 1 and a half months. Welcome to new teachers and...had a sweet surprise while having breakfast at the school canteen. One of my colleagues from the school I teach in 2008 came to join the Al- Amin Gombak teaching crews. Welcome to the team Kak Fisah.

9:00am -12:15 pm: First meeting and briefings for the upcoming 2011 school session. Subjects I have to teach next year:

1) English (Standard 3)
2) Science (Standard 1)
3) Quranic Education
4) PJK/ PE (Standard 3)
5) Arts and Craft Club Instructor

12:15pm- 3:30 pm: Clearing, and arranging stuffs in the Exam Unit room. Yeay! Have my own table PC. Kak Su, Kak Chik...selamat menjalankan tugas kita bersama-sama.

May Allah give me (and us) strength to carry the responsibilities given.

Allah Knows Best.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cheesecake philosophy: Patience, Appreciation and Beauty


Just finished making a pink blueberry cheesecake. Pink? Yup. The colour I dislike most but sometimes, why don't we bake a coloured cheesecake instead of the usual cream coloured ones?.Anak sulung Puan Sharifah ni kalau bagi masak, macam-macam jadi nya nanti... but thanks mama for always supporting me to cook and bake.

Before pouring the blueberry jam....sila jangan pengsan lihat kaler dia.

Cheesecake is the cake with the least ingredients needed...creamcheese, sugar and eggs. As for the base, you will only need few pieces of cream crackers, few tablespoons of butter, dashes of sugar. But the whole process from the preparation stage, baking, and refrigerating took at least 4 hours. First you have to bake the biscuit base (10 minutes), then you pour in the cheese mixture, pop it in the oven (35 minutes) and later, put it in the refrigerator to set (at least 3 hours. The best is overnight).

It really need a lot of patience and careful observation. Making sure you does not over beat. Making sure that the texture is just right. Making sure that the crust doesn't burn. But the waiting is really worth it...Insya Allah.

Our life's like that. We basically need the same thing to keep breathing-air, water, shelter, money, health, etc. But each of us have to go to different process for each of their needs. Some people may own luxury cars, a mansion, heaps of money to spend. While others may just own a motorcycle, lives with his wife and kids in a small apartment. But those men in the two different groups must know how to control and take care of their life. The most important thing is to always remember to groom our faith and 'ibadah as He is the One who rewards us with the privileges we have now
. Only then we shall feel the ni'mah or zouq of iman and living with His blessings. a must. a must. a must. Or else, life would only be blank. And quiet.

Kadangkala, kita meminta akan rama-rama yang indah tetapi hanya menerima seekor ulat. Kita mengeluh dan berputus asa untuk berdoa serta berusaha. Namun kita tidak menyedari bahawa ulat tersebut akan menjadi seekor rama-rama yang indah.

Allah Knows Best

Friday, December 17, 2010

6th Sense experience?


I am still thinking....about 6th Sense. Ok. Not that famous movie I've never watched or a music band. It's part of parapsychology phenomena. Sensing something that is not even there or popped in front of you yet.

Been thinking to hard till a person I didn't know said in my dream last night: You've got a high level of 6th Sense. Macam cerita Star Wars pula dah...haha.

Few things happened to me. Kadang scary pun ada. Kadang suka. Kadang biasa. Yang penting, macam-macam rasa ada ('',).

Rabbana la tuzi' quluubana ba'da iz hadaitana innaka anta wahab- Ya Allah...Strengthen my heart after You've gave us guidance...

Ya Muqalliba Quluub, thabbit qulubana 'ala toatiq- Wahai Tuhan yang membolak-balikkan jiwa, tetapkanlah hati kami dalam ketaatan padaMU...

apa kata Encik Ulat?

Allah Knows Best

Animation: Never give up! Go for your dream


Just want to share a cute animation about dream. No matter what people say. Don't give up =)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You Bintulu...!


(mun Nemo baca mesti nya madah:Kak J , tak habis2 Bintulu...) Hee...for the sake of experience and record. Mana tau nanti ada nemiak tanya. Payah dibuatnya terkebil-kebil maknya nak jawab nanti...

Day 3: 15/ December/ 2010

Nothing much done today except helped the housekeeping makcik to tidy up the room before she came...kesian pula kat dia banyak bilik nak kemas...washed the cups used, wiped the sink top in the bathroom...then, when the housekeeping makcik came, she just need to change the towels and do some arrangement according to the hotel standard. Terima Kasih makcik for keeping our room tidy during our 3 nights stay there. Thank you for teaching me a Sarawak slang/ word: Auk- which means "yes". First time heard from the people of Sarawak themselves.

When the clock strike 7pm, me and mum went for our dinner and looking for some gifts to be taken home. As usual, when someone who doesn't like shopping...tak reti nak cari barang or late in making choices. At last, grabbed a long sleeved t-shirt and few key chains with Sarawak 'identity'.

Day 4: 16/ December/ 2010 (Final Day)

Aritok last day in Bintulu... had breakfast with mum at the cafetaria then we checked-out from the hotel. We then take a taxi to the airport to catch our flight scheduled at 10:00am. Alhamdulillah landed safely at LCCT Sepang about 12:20pm.

Few things learn during my 4 days and three nights stay in Bintulu:

1- Kalau lah kamek tok seorang Manager ataupun staff kat airline kompeni tu, dah lama suh crew cabin wanita pakai seluar panjang instead off skirt. Rambut tu kalau kalau tak nak pakai tudung pun, please jangan kaler pelik-pelik. Tapi sah-sah lah tak boleh kan...tapi mana tau hati sidak berubah...

2- Foods: Not so many choices. Terima dengan seadanya ada yang ada and for sure, have to be careful in making selections. Kerana makanan itu akan menjadi darah dan darah itu akan menjadi sebahagian diri kita dan seterusnya menjadi sebahagian dari akhlaq diri.

3- Newspaper: First time in my life that I learn to read a local newspaper- SARAWAK TRIBUNE. The format and layout are almost similar to New Straits Time here.

4- Radio: I almost forgotten that the radio frequencies set in my hand phone are Lembah Klang's frequencies. Trying for auto search mode. Dapat la dengar station radio Sarawak :). Buat-buat faham auk apa sidak madah (madah-Sarawak slang meaning "Say'').

5- People: Alhamdulillah the people here are friendly. Feel much welcomed.

Hope to have the opportunity to explore the world in future.

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jaulah Bintulu: Day 2


Day 2 in Bintulu...

Mum starts her training officially today. Did nothing much till she returns back from her session at 4:30pm. Ordered a plate of Spagetthi Bolognese from the hotel room service. Well, am new here so, am not brave enough yet to explore this area alone. Also did a little bit of practice with my khat :p.

At around 5:00pm, went to the beach a.k.a Bintulu Waterfront Promenade.

Rules and obligations of B.W.P. From what I've observed, the beach is clean. 4.5 star from me... the facilities are also well managed and taken care of.

Apa agaknya rezeki pakcik ini hari ni?

We later went to the area that we went for dinner last night but this time around we explore some shops outside the complex. Well...most shops are already closed by 5:30-6:00pm so there's nothing much to see. The same environment and situation as the beach earlier. This little town is clean...and the traffic is not as hectic and busy as Kuala Lumpur.

Their spontaneus, sporting and cheerful reaction upon seeing me holding my camera.

Mano eh pokcik nak gi?

As I kept thinking from yesterday, the Christmas fever here seems a bit more 'happening'. In KL, it is normal to see Christmas trees being placed in malls, with some lighting decorations, mock presents placed underneath the tree. Here, almost every shops that I go, their staffs wear the red Christmas cap and the decorations are a bit 'heavier'. Maybe I forget to do some research about their culture, community and religion before coming here. Well, my first task upon reaching home later, I guess.

Jalan-jalan, nampak tanda ni. I'm still thinking and guessing what's this SIDANG INJIL BORNEO? A church? A hall? Association?

Stopped by a bookstore...(mama kata:macam la takda kedai buku kat Bangi tu)...theeee...apa nak buat. Dah suka... At 7:00pm, the hotel shuttle bus came to pick us up from the mall.

The shuttle bus was driven fastly. A bit blurry though this picture. This shop sign reads : 100% Discount Store. Does it mean all items are free of charge? Or they are actually trying to say that the prices of every items in the shop are discounted ?

Trying to take the picture of a shop signboard but as again the bus was too fast, this is what I got.

p/s: Ya Allah, aku bersyukur kerna di beri peluang dan dibukakan hati untuk melihat dan menghargai keindahan alam ciptaan-MU.

Allah Knows Best ('',)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jaulah Bintulu: Day 1


Alhamdullah. Praise be to The Almighty for giving me the opportunity to accompany mum to conduct her training here in Bintulu, Sarawak. Watching how our parents do their job will make us appreciate more with what they had given us. This is a little bit of notes on my first day here:

13/ December/ 2010

9:00 am- 11:45am: Doing last minute checkings and making sure that all essential items and clothings are already packed in the luggage. Prepared some meals for abah as he could not follow us on this trip. As I wish to be a full-time housewife, I have and must learn to do few task at one time as fast as I can. Mum went to her office for a while to pick up some items for her training session.

11:45am- 12:40pm: The taxi arrived and tooks us to the LCCT terminal in Sepang.

12:40pm-1:20pm: Arrived at LCCT terminal, checked in our luggages and lingered around while waiting for the entry gate to be opened. The airport was quite packed...with people waiting to travel to their respective destinations during this holiday season.

1:20 pm- 2:10pm: Finally, flight AK 5114 Bintulu turn to board. Ok. Not really yet as there's a little bit of delay (schedule of departure is actually 1:50pm). But I use the waiting time on board to read the magazine provided together with mum.

At the same time, I keep on thinking to myself. About the female crew cabins. Their uniform. Why could'nt they just put on long pants instead of a slited short skirts? Does'nt that will make their movement easier? During emergencies (nauzubillah minzaalik) where it may require those on board to run in order to safe their (our lives)? Kan molek sikit :).

2:10pm- 4:15pm: Alhamdulillah the 2 hours and 5minute filght went smoothly. Enjoyed the beauty of nature created by Allah The Almighty from thousands of kilometres in the sky. Masya Allah! The clouds were so beatiful...oh...I can't remember the names of clouds learnt during the school days. Sirrus, this right :p?

View from the sky shortly after leaving LCCT

The amazing clouds

Another amazing discovery was that saw two different seas clearly divided upon leaving the Peninsular and approaching the Borneo Island; but am not sure what's the factor behind it-is it the depths, or the saturation of salt? Subhanallah...subhanallah...subhanallah...

See? With a thin white "divider'' in the middle...

Taking a peek at Sarawak

4:15pm- 5:30pm: Landed safetly at Bintulu Airport. Thank You pilot Captain Azzam (if I was not mistaken) and his crew for their wonderful service along the journey.

Mama...look! We are almost there...( a kid few seats away from me)

Waited with mum at the luggage waiting area. There's something bit hilarious happened while we stand waiting at the conveyor. Mum got her luggage but I did not spot mine even the coveyor belt had been spinning around a few times (untill I almost remembered the bags and items arrangement on the belt!). Then...pop! A luggage fall out of nowhere from the belt and it was mine. Mum laughed too (^-^).

Halt a taxi and continue our next 30 minutes journey to Park City Everly Hotel.
5:30pm-7:00pm: Check-in at the hotel and unpack our bags. Actually, there's a few things that crossed my mind before arriving at the hotel:
a) Is there a proper water pipe nearby the toilet or its just a water bidet/ we have to fetch water from the sink to clean ourself after the "bussiness"?
b) The mini-fridge/ mini bar. What's in there?
Alhamdulillah there's a proper water pipe beside the toilet and alhamdulillah there's no alcoholic drinks placed in the mini-bar.
As we might probably know, the time here in Sarawak is in a different time zone. For example, the Maghrib prayer time for today is 6:24pm and Isya' is around 7:30 something. Remembered when I was small, when the television or newspaper published the buka puasa time, I alaways say " It's not fair that they get the chance to break fast early :P" not knowing that Borneo Island has a different time zone. Budak- budak...
7:00pm-8:00pm: After performing jama' Maghrib and Isya' prayer, we took the shuttle bus provided by the hotel to go to a nearby mall for dinner and buying few foodstuff stocks.
Learnt a lot of things here. Firstly, the mall is not as big as what we have in Kuala Lumpur. Am not a shopaholic but I think even if we walk around the mall a hundred times is not as tiring as making a few rounds in at mall in KL.
Secondly, the choice of items at the supermarket. We have to be very careful before picking up our items and place them in our trolley. Take bread for example. I was looking around for bread when I found no Gardenia or other familiar brands. There's only one type of bread with no halal markings. Better be safe =).Fresh milk, not many chioice available. Oh...susu...dimanakah dikau...As for the meal for dinner, we were left with only one choice- a fast food chain restraunt as the other food stalls' halal status are questionable.
While waiting for the shuttle bus to take us (with few other guests) back to the hotel, I took out my Mr Haytham to snap few photos. Alhamdulillah greeted with few friendly faces that makes me feel welcomed.

Another different situation here in Bintulu from Peninsular was that at around 8:30pm, Bintulu city is quiet and almost all shops are already closed.
Back to our room, it was 8:45pm and I said to mum "Ma, Mairah nak solat Isya' dulu baru makan". Totally forget that the time zone is different and I have performed Maghrib & Isya' jama' prayer earlier (usually in KL, 8:45 baru masuk Isya'). I guess I need time to adjust myself ('',).

May Allah Bless our vacation ahead.
Allah Knows Best.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 many ambitions?


When I was small, I had the dreams to be:

Doctor...I think this is among the popular answer from kids when asked about their ambitions

Computer Engineer... abah once called me "minah gadget"...when there's something wrong with handphones, godek-godek ada rezeki, hidup balik tepon tu. But now, am just so in love with my laptop. Would not allow others to touch it...with exception I'm generous that moment. Aiyoo...

Satisfied with my humble phone...At the moment, I don't have any intention to change or upgrade it unless one day it is not possible for me to contact my beloved ones with it. But am still into gadgets and machines. Loves to observe newbies in the market even sometimes I did not understand the mechanical descriptions.

some shops during my visit to Terengganu in July. Looking at the names gave me a lot of satisfaction...Maha Suci Allah yang telah mengurniakan kecerdikan pada manusia untuk mencipta alat dan mesin-mesin itu..

I am now a:

Teacher: Alhamdulillah I have the chance to be a part of this education world.

kenakalan mereka yang sentisa memanggil-manggil...

Budding/ amateur photographer: I guess this is part of my interest in gadgets and machines. What I wish to concentrate/ be is a Muslimah photographer as what I see its importance especially during weddings as particularly the bride's aurah is more covered (mahram). I am also interested in portrait photography. But there's still a lot more things to learn and discover.

During the recent coverage at Yatt's wedding. Thanks kak Laila for the photo

Still have the dream to become a:

Counsellor: Had this ambition since form 1 @ 13 years old. Alhmdulillah finished my study in the field of Psychology. Hoping that one day, had the chance to pursue masters in Counselling or related field.

Housewife: Boleh kan?

Alhamdulillah for His blessings ('',)

Allah Knows Best

2011 Preview...


2 more weeks for this break to end and Alhamdulillah am really enjoying it. There are few things that I've gone through this holiday especially with crafts and sewing:

felt craft. the flower motif at the back still undergoing sewing process...bekas isi speedlite camera and lens 50mm 1.8. Tak pun nanti boleh sumbat botol susu pula (bottle warmer)... ;)

pencil case a.k.a poket doremon...macam2 ada...

Being busy does not mean that I have to abandon my main responsibility as a servant of Allah SWT as everything that we have today is from Him...

Insya Allah this Monday (13/ December) will be spending my final week of break at Bintulu with mama until 16th December. Abah? He had to do some final Syariah tutoring for his STPM students. Adik? Selamat masuk semester baru...jaga diri baik-baik kat UIA tu... chapter for me. The school administration given me the responsibility as Guru Kanan Unit Peperiksaan... hoping that I am strong enough and could do the job the best as I could.

Will try to improve my teaching methods to help my beloved heroes in exploring the world. Their essential years :).

Other plans? The Almighty Knows Best.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Norhayati & Mohd Safwan : Aqad (4/12/2010)


These are some pictures from Yatt's and Safwan's solemnization ceremony on the 4th of December 2010. Barakallahufikum...

Location: Surau, Al- Amin Gombak.
Time: 9 pm

penyerahan wali wakallah.

Norhayati & Mohd Safwan : Reception (5/12/10)/ Kids' Candid


These are some of kids moment captured during the recent Yatt & Safwan wedding reception. Some other pictures of the bride and groom can be viewed on the previous post.