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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Convocation 2010: Part 2

During Nemo's convocation 2009. Oh...cita-cita asal saya mahu mengambil jurusan Architecture seperti beliau tetapi rezeki & jodoh lebih kuat bersama HS.
Ini kawan-kawan Al- Amin Bangi tika konvoi raya 2006. Walaupun sedih tak dapat bersama konvo tahun ni, terutamanya Nemo yang berada di Aussie, thank you so much for the prayers :)

p/s: Let these two pictures tells how I miss my G4 Al- Amin friends.

Convocation 2010: Part 1


Went to fetch my convocation attire at CAC yesterday. Met with Finah at the Mosque Square and together we walked to CAC. Upon arrival, the crowd was already...WOAHH!! I wondered...what time did those people showed up? Since when they have waited in the line as it was only...9am? Was I late or...ok. Never mind.

After trying the robes to get the right size, I join and patiently waited at the line. There, I saw my friend Mieza and later Halimaton. Its been 5 months since we last met...during Semester 2, 2009/10 final examination. Yes. Alin was there too. To celebrate and cherish the moment. Thank you friend. You are the and always there when we started the journey at IIUM.

Kak Fizah. Yes. Kak Fizah. Another lovely friend and good friend of mine. We chatted and exchanged stories all the way from the line to the robe room. All the memories that we had, particularly during our LE 4500 class and motorcycle ride around IIUM shall be treasured.

After checking the multimedia smart card, I had my breakfast at 10:15am at HS Cafe. The usual time I had my breakfast during my student days...with pau kelapa (as always) and Carrot Juice.

Then, I went to KLCC to find a pair of shoes. Not just solely to be used during the Convocation ceremony but also for casual use later. Went straight to Parkson and circled the woman's area, looking for a suitable shoe. It's not easy to find the one with 3 1/2 size but 4 is still acceptable. Alhamdulillah, after minutes of searching, found a black court shoe. With last month's salary that I still save, I pay for it and happily walk away...(",). I am not a shopaholic. I don't know how to go shopping...except for grocerries and books. Just put me at a shopping mall. I would be blank as a white paper. Lost. Did not know where to go. As for shoes, I only use 1 or the most 2 pairs for the whole year.

p/s: A robe with XS (extra small size) seems a bit 'besar' for me. Almost reached my ankles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nyamuk dengan anak

(picture credits to Google Images)

Suatu hari, ibu nyamuk bertanya kepada anaknya yang baru pulang dari melakukan penerbangannya yang pertama:

Ibu nyamuk: Nak, bagaimana dengan penerbangan pertama kamu?
Anak nyamuk: Hebat ibu.
Ibu nyamuk: Kenapa?
Anak nyamuk: Sebab semua orang tepuk tangan bila nampak saya.
Ibu nyamuk: Errrkkk...



Ibu-bapa hendaklah memberi nasihat, pesanan dan peringatan kepada anak-anak sebelum mereka melangkah ke dunia luar. Tidak semua yang nampak indah diluar itu baik dan bermanfaat.

Allah Knows Best

5 years ago, I take this feet to a journey...

Pernah ditanya "Mengapa di label semua nama?''. Ku menjawab " Takut terlupa". Mana mungkin ya kerana mereka begitu berharga.
Di Kelas Ust Raheem
Kelas Ust Yunus-Basic Themes Of The Qur'an @ LY Building 2006
Bersama sebahagian sahabat yang telah sama-sama melalui jalan ini hingga kini. Thanks akhawat for the fruits of life @ Block C (C Building?) MCIIUM.
Sejujurnya dikatakan saya tidak pernah tidur atas katil ini. Hanya menggunakan 'comforter kecil' untuk alas tidur di lantai. Jam tidur: 3am-6am. Tidak sempat untuk mencapai Beta Level of Sleep, sudah perlu bangkit untuk kuliah esok hari @AC 104
Registration Day at MCIIUM, PJ @ 2005

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tazkirah to Remember


Yesterday, I read a story about a renowned Muslim scholar Hassan Al- Banna...that could give us some reflection about life and how we sail our boat as a Muslim...


It is almost Subh prayer time and usually, Hassan Al- Banna had already woke up from his sleep
to perform Tahajjud prayer and others but not that day. He was still still sleeping even the mu'azzin was about to call for prayer ('azan).

Suddenly, a syaitan disguised as a cat bit his feet and Hassan Al- Banna woke up and when he looked into the cat's eye, he knew that it was syaitan and said to it " You are a syaitan and why did you woke me up to pray?" And syaitan replied " Ok. Let see if you forget to perform tahajjud and other prayers like you usually did. You are sure to perform other deeds such as sadaqah, zikir to cover them up"


See? Even syaitan knows about 'amal and deeds in a person's life. Although "he" uses them to manipulate and further destroy our life, we, as the beautiful creation of Allah SWT that are bestowed with 'aqal should know more how to defend our self and be a better Muslim..

Allah Knows Best

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tale of Two Kitties

what are these two kitties doing?
alamak...dah kena tangkap la...
see? Aren't my teeth beautiful?

biarpun angin bertiup kencang, ku tetap tidak akan menyerahkan sofa ini pada kucing lain

Venue: Teratak Raudah (rumah sewa di Gombak)- The Yellow Kitten
: PETRONAS PERMATA, Bangi- The Stripe Kitty

p/s: Mak selalu cakap yang saya ni pantang jumpa kucing. Macam tidak pernah tengok. Apa nak buat...dah suka ('',)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Story about....


Suddenly remembered that I kept these pictures in my old visit to a 'kambing farm' in Rawang March last year...

tak nak join sekali ke? jemput la ye

sempat posing si kecik ni

Historical moment in my life. 4th Syawwal 1431 @ 13 September 2010. 1st time I ate a kambing-based meal. It was by accident actually. Mummy made me ate it. Owh...I didn't notice at all that it was 'kambing' like always except I do taste the familiar kambing taste a little but ignored it. Ok. Wheres' my alarm for kambing?

Even my kampung is in Batu Pahat which is known for its nasi baryani, I would always ordered chicken as its side dishes- or rather it it with only papadom if there are no other lauk provided.

Would I eat it again in the future?


Abah recently jokingly said to me 'Nanti akak kawin nak buat kambing bakar (yg dok golek2 tu)'. I bet he would the most happiest person to enjoyed it. Then I asked mum 'Mak, kalau orang buat kambing golek-golek untuk kenduri berapa kos dia ek?'. As long as abah is happy. Cuba kumpul bajet...

p/s: Ikan lagi sedap , ok ;) But I think its time for me to learn how to cook lamb-based dishes. Tiba nanti mak mentua suh masak...encik hubby mengidam ke...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Before I forget...


Insya Allah tomorrow (or pagi nanti?) will go back to my beloved kampung in Johor after Eid prayer. May Allah bless the journey and safely arrived at Muar...

Opps..forget to dedicate the Raya wishes/ du'a to my orthopaedic surgeon & anesthetic doctor from KPJ Kajang Specialist & doctors from An Nur Specialist Hospital. Minta maaf sepanjang bawah jagaan kalian saya ni patient yang banyak cakap (ok...terima kasih kerana bersabar), dan menyanyi bila kena blood test (tu la, nurse tak nak caya susah nak cari urat).

Oh...ubat? Saya mahu kurangkan dan seterusnya berhenti makan kerana mahu menyediakan diri untuk menjadi seorang ibu suatu hari nanti. Tak elok untuk ibu dan anak...

Terima kasih kerana banyak membantu hingga mampu bersujud dan rukuk tika solat dengan kurang rasa sakit (sedih tau kena solat atas katil masa kat spital..tapi kene juga kan ;).

This raya (and always), don't ever forget about your ibadah- particularly solat and to preserve the adab and dignity as a Muslim. Eat in a moderate portion. Start with a Bismillah and ends it with Alhamdulillah. May it will give you energy to strengthen the silaturrahim with family and friends.

Eid Mubaraq 1431H

Teacher Mahirah

Allah Knows Best

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubaraq 1431 H


Bermulanya daku menaip di pagi Ramadhan 1431H yang terakhir. Jom muhasabah sedikit apa yang telah dilakukan. Are there any improvements? Fastings, Qiam, Qur'an, Sadaqah? Alhamdulillah...

With that, I would like to say congratulations to those who have successfully accomplished the mission of 'ibadah in the holy month of Ramadhan. Eid Mubaraq to all schoolmates from:

1- Tadika An- Nadhir Kpg Baru
2- SRI Al- Amin KL
3- IIC
4- SRI Al- Ummah
5- SMI Darul Muttaqin Rawang
6- SMI Puchong
7- SMI Al- Amin Bangi.

To my IPTA buddies:

1- Matriculation Centre IIUM.
2- IIUM Gombak.
3- Rakan-rakan IPTA seluruh Malaysia (especially to the participants of Seminar Kebangsaan PRS IPTA 2010)

My colleagues from:

1- SRI Al- Amin Bangi (Jan 2005-March 2005).
2- SRI Al- Ummah (April 2008-May 2008)
3- SRI Al- Amin Gmbak (August 2010- till present) & jiran sebelah iaitu SMI Al- Amin Gombak.

Dan semua-semua yang lain...

Kullu 'Aam wa Antum Bikhair.

From me:

Cik Zainab Mahirah Bte Ismail

(dan warga rumah DS 9 PETRONAS Bangi iaitu En Ismail Ahmed, Puan Sharifah Muznirah Syed Mustafar & Cik Maryam Nabeelah)

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From classroom to motherhood


1 week countdown to eid. Owh...and it means, only 1 week left for Ramadhan. Thinking and praying...about the chances of meeting Ramadhan again in the year 1432H?

Chapter I (Student's world)

My students in one of the class asked me to sing them a song (after I accidentally sang instead of getting angry at them). Uhuh...I can't exactly remember what song and the kid told me "Muallimah...nyanyilah lagu IKAN DUYUNG lagi'' (malu x2).

To fulfill their wishes, I tried really hard to find a suitable tune and songs. As I explore You Tube, found a really good Qur'anic recitation by Sheikh Mishary and hope to give my Qur'an class to listen to it. For my Science and Tasawur Islami still searching for a suitable educating and Islamic songs.

Colouring...this is really, really fun. I 'accidentally' found 4 (I repeat...EMPAT) colouring books during my recent 'visit' to the bookstore. 3 of them are in dictionary form (malay-english-chinese) with pictures according to theme to colour and another one contains about 10-15 pictures of fruits. Along with that, I bought a box of 24 Faber Castell colour pencils and wax crayons to replace my old sets... Hehe. Patutlah budak-budak suka sangat nak mewarna. Best rupanya.

This is what you have to do- explore the children world by experiencing them on your own.

Chapter II (motherhood)

Today's activity during the weekly teacher's usrah with my supervisor and fellow friends is paying a visit to one of the teachers who recently gave birth. The happiest moment was when I had the chance to hold the baby on my lap and a teacher commented " Mairah dah ada bakat. Boleh dah ni.." (opps).

My mak long, in her advice during my cousin's wedding last May said that " Hormat suami, ikut cakap dia (as long as it is in line with the Syari'ah rulings) etc. Senang bila nak bersalin nanti". I think it is not only when you are giving birth but also when Allah SWT call you back (death). My mak long was a hospital birth registrar and I am sure she had witnessed hundreds of different deliveries, with different conditions and situations.

The recent school i'tiqaf had taught me lot about the sacrifice of a mother. As we staffs were allowed to bring our family members to the programme, teachers with small kids and babies faced the greatest challenge.
But it is one of the way to familiarize children with the mosque's environment. Mommies could not sleep until their babies are sleeping and have to wake up in the middle of the night should they cried and ask for milk. Sleeping soundly is also a no-no when you are already a mommy as you have to be alert to what is happening in the environment.

Would I be a good wife to my other half one day? Would I be a good mommy to my kids in the future?

p/s: Anak-anak, sila mewarna dengan mama. Abah pun pening nanti tgk.Haha.

Ya us in searching for truth...

Allah Knows Best