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Friday, October 29, 2010

Parenthood lesson today...

*Terima kasih En. Google bagi pinjam gambar*


Apart from learning to be a better teacher and 'abid at school, I do pick up (starting to pick up?) some parenthood skills. From nursery, feeding, etc. Either from observation or asking.

Today, I learn how to bring a child for his/ her immunization. Practically. Not just in theory. Not just 1 child but...the whole class of 1 Ammar (me, their class teacher)-33 kids as today, doctor and nurses from the District Health Office came to give routine vaccine to Standard Six and Standard One students.

In the beginning, they were quite excited asking me 1001 questions about the immunization, except for one student whom I have to coax her until we reach the treatment room @ school lab.

There, the students keep on talking as if nothing is going to happen (menakutkan budak-budak aja) and I ask them to recite some selawat to calm down. At times, I walk around the lab asking the nurses the number of dosages and monitoring the information registration before the procedure. Banyak tanya pula aku ni...

They keep coming to me and say " Muallimah. Ana takut lah'' or those who remain silent, their fear are told by their facial expression. One student grip and hold my hand tight, as if she won't let me go. Another student, had to be hold by three she cried the moment she reached the nurse on duty and say "Jangan lah cucuk kuat-kuat sangat". Almost 5 minutes before the nurse managed to vaccinate her. Dah kena, senyap. Kan mama dah cakap, tak sakit pun kan sayang?

How would I react later or what will I do when it comes my turn to take my own children for the vaccination? I want them to be strong as I am. Stronger, perhaps. .

*aman sikit bila depa bertiga ni tidur. kalau idak, dok kuis-kuis kaki tengah buat kerja kat meja ni*

I do read on the net and some comments from experienced mothers about the pros and contras of vaccinations. Some say that it is formulated with pig based ingredients. Read a story on a web about a mother who said that her son fall sick after being vaccinated. Need time to do more research on this matter.

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm 23...Alhamdulillah...


Day by day, I grew. Body, mind and soul. From my toddler years to my teenage years until now...I am in my early adulthood. Alhamdulillah. Allah SWT still gave me the opportunity to see the world and feel the ni'mah of Iman and Islam.

Thank you to my families and friends for the du'a and wishes. I am trying my best to reply and get to it as soon as I can. Barakallahu fiikum...

From my mum this morning:

Dearest Mahirah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! All the best as you enter the second part of your life; design the life you want. Don't live by accident! Loves, Mak.

Special thanks to my Abah, Mr Ismail Ahmed and mum, Mrs Sharifah Muznirah. Thank you so much for taking care of me all this while. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the education. Maaf kadangkala anaknda mu ini ternakal...

Alhamdulillah...Alhamdulillah...moga diri ini tidak leka dan alpa dengan nikmat dan kemewahan yang diterima...Loving and caring families, supportive friends, a career, health...

Moga iman dan amalku bertambah seiring kematangan dan pertambahan usia...

Allah Knows Best

Monday, October 25, 2010

...Notes In The Rain...


I am now in school and it is raining. Alhamdulillah. Mum always pesan that raining time is one of the time that a du'a is most accepted.

Remembered that I ran with my room mates during rain in my matriculation days.

All the best to my students who will be sitting for their academic examinations tomorrow.

Me...may I find the missing puzzle pieces.

Allah Knows Best.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

...Blank Thought...


I'm not sure what am I thinking right now
I'm not sure what am I feeling right now

Sometimes I feel like crying
Sometimes I feel like smiling

Picking up the pieces
Where shall I start?
Where's the beginning?

Ya Allah...forgive me
Ya Allah...gave me strength
To face the world

p/s: Hendak ke kiri atau kanan...

I am thankful with what I am having now...


Finished marking 1 set of examination papers (Islamic Studies). 3 more sets to go. 1 set of papers is still lying calmly waiting for me to flip through and Insya Allah the other 2 sets (Science), the exam will only start next week. While going through the papers, I sent an SMS to mum telling her that me and my sister will be going home this weekend (tomorrow). Few minutes later, abah called. Asking how I am doing, what I am doing etc...then he passed the phone over to mum. Oh... Can't wait for tomorrow.

Abah few times asked me whether I really wanted to stay with my current job. Me...Yes. Mum asked me "Tak nak cari sekolah dekat-dekat Bangi ni ke?". Me...nope. I know they wanted me to stay close to home or at home. Just now, my supervisor asked me " Mahirah ada plan tak nak apply untuk KPLI/ J-QAF 2011?". Me...nope.

Alhamdulillah its almost three month me working here. Teaching here. I am really thankful for the experience that I got through the journey. I learn to improve my jawi writing and spelling, revise Islamic knowledge and foundations, improve my tajwid and Qur'an recitation through teaching. Thank you my students for giving my the opportunity to learn while teaching.

Plans to further my studies? Yes. But maybe thinking to do it in a part-time mode. Selalu fikir nak, tak nak...Insya Allah. If my "other half" work schedule is more packed than mine, maybe I should just concentrate on family and work. Change my job? If I was to be taken away to follow that "other half".

Praying for the best for myself and my loved ones... life is not easy. Kadangkala doa kita seolah menguji kesabaran kerna Allah merindui untuk mendengar rintihan dan permintaan dari hamba yang di kasihiNYA....

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20-10-2010 in history

Bismillahirahmanirahim..., after 1 year of undergoing a procedure for my spine injury, I could conduct netball training. Starting from Monday actually as the students will be having a tournament against Al-Amin KL on the 2nd of November. is getting better day by day. Some of the teachers who know about my history started to worry. Me? Arrived at school today at 8:00am sharp (my check-in time is actually 10:30am-for afternoon session teachers). Having a sauna under the sun training them for about 2 hours. Siapa kenal saya, tahu tahap degil tang mana....

My solat...after months (years?) of enduring pain to make sujud properly and sometimes have to perform solat in a sitting position could be performed in a better manner(sedih...anggota sujud yang antara akan jadi saksi tika Hari Akhirat nanti). Moga doa, solat, ibadah dan taubat diterima oleh Allah Yang Maha Penyayang... Speaking about sujud, last night, as I was trying to get myself to sleep, I listened to a radio station. It was talking about sujud. Among the hikmah of sujud is it could bring/ lower down our ego as most of our senses and important body parts such as our eyes, nose, ears, head are placed on the floor.

What I remembered most after the procedure was to endure the it was done just 1 week before final examination. Nausea, tons of medications to be taken dutifully... That particular semester, I have to do checkups every 3 weeks- once a month. Dengan muka tebal...selalu minta cuti kat lecturer...Alhamdulillah. With the courage and aims for success, I am now a Psychology graduate and alumni of IIUM...without having to take study leave and extend my semesters.

*the smile after going through heaps hardships, struggle and pain*

Now. No more medications for me. Taking calcium, omega-3, and vitamin C...for my body, heart, soul and kids in future. Orang kata, minyak ikan/ EPA baguih untuk perkembangan minda anak-anak. Nak buat mental arithmatic/ mensa...nanti la. Abah kena tolong ibu mengira nanti.. :).

p/s: Happy 23rd birthday to my school best friend, Husna. And happy marking exam papers to myself...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Landmine & Atuk in Memory

*macam ini kot rupa periuk api a.k.a landmine omputih kata*


2 or 3 days ago, I read in the newspaper about a man who found a landmine while he korek pasir at a river bank in Selangor. He than take the rounded object to the riverbank, wash it up and plan to sell it to junk buyers thinking that it was just an old wok or steel ball. His supervisor (an ex-army) than noticed what the man is doing and warned him to stay far away from the object. The landmine was than safely destroyed at the site by the bomb squad.

While browsing through the news, I remembered about what had happened to my late grandpa who passed away while mum was around 10 years old. Yes. I had not had the chance to meet and get to know him but always feel his presence in our our family. As told by grandma, tok walid- an army was killed by a landmine while he was rescuing his friend...he went for the mission while he was actually on leave :(. And I really admire how my grandma raised my mum and my 3 aunties/ 1 uncle. Sayang tok...

Tok walid...this is your eldest grandchild. I always pray so that his soul is blessed by Allah S.W.T and placed among the muttaqun.

Also to all warriors and soldiers out there, fighting for Islam and fighting for truth...

Al- Fatihah to tok Walid,
Syed Mustafar Ahmad.
(tok lid, maaf tak dapat ziarah pusara tok kat Perlis selalu)

From your grandchild,

Allah Knows Best.

Exam mode

*picture credits to Google*


Bittaufiq Wa Najah to students of Sekolah Rendah Islam Al- Amin and Sekolah Menengah Islam Al-Amin Gombak for the upcoming final examination. To Form 5 students, gambate for SPM.

Looking forward to mark the papers :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tazkirah: 4 Golongan lelaki ke neraka


(Obtained these from my FB link/ note page. For sharing and reminder to myself and others...)

4 golongan lelaki ke neraka ..

Pertama:- 'Ayahnya' - Apabila seseorang yang bergelar ayah tidak memperdulikan anak-anak perempuannya di dunia.Dia tidak memberikan segala keperluan agama seperti mengajar solat, mengaji dan sebagainya.Dia membiarkan anak-anak perempuannya tidak menutup aurat.. tidak cukup kalau dengan hanya memberi kemewahan dunia sahaja maka dia akan ditarik oleh anaknya.

Kedua:- 'Suaminya' - Apabila seorang suami tidak memperdulikan tindak tanduk isterinya. Bergaul bebas di pejabat,memperhiaskan diri bukan untuk suami tapi untuk pandangan kaum lelaki yang bukan mahram,apabila suami mendiamkan diri.. Walaupun dia seorang alim (solat tidak tangguh, puasa tidak tinggal)maka dia akan ditarik oleh isterinya.

Ketiga:- 'Abang-abangnya' - Apabila ayahnya sudah tiada, tanggungjawab menjaga maruah wanita jatuh kepala abang-abangnya.. jikalau mereka hanya mementing keluarganya sahaja dan adik perempuannya dibiar melencong dari ajaran ISLAM. Tunggulah tarikan adiknya di akhirat.

Keempat:-' Anak Lelakinya' - Apabila seorang anak tidak menasihati seorang ibu perihal kelakuan yang haram dari Islam, maka anak itu akan disoal dan dipertangungjawabkan diakhirat kelak.. Nantikan tarikan ibunya.

Maka kita lihat betapa hebatnya tarikan wanita bukan sahaja di dunia malah di akhirat pun tarikannya begitu hebat...maka kaum lelaki yang bergelar ayah / suami / abang atau anak harus memainkan peranan mereka yang sebenar tidaksilap firman ALLAH S.W.T.:-

" Hai anak adam peliharakanlah diri kamu serta ahli kamu dari api neraka,di mana bahan pembakarnya ialah manusia dan batu-batu.."

Hai wanita, kasihankan ayah anda, suami anda,abang-abang anda serta anak-anak lelaki anda..Kesiankanlah mereka dan juga diri kamu sendiri..jalankan perintah ALLAH S.W.T. dengan bersungguh-sungguh dan dengan penuh ikhlas..

Akhir kata, marilah kita berdoa agar kita semua terselamat dari ditarik dan tertarik oleh mana-mana pihak. Harga seseorang muslim adalah sangat berharga.

ALLAH S.W.T. nilaikan seseorang muslim dengan SYURGA.. semua kaum muslim masuk syurga..janganlah kita membuang atau tidak mengendah janji ALLAH S.W.T.

Semoga kita semua tergolong dari ahli syurga yang memasukinya tanpa hisab.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The 2 green plants...


Alhamdulillah still given the opportunity to open my eyes and see the wonderful world around me. To breeze air in and out on this blessed Jumu'ah. In Standard 1 Zayd Arts and Craft class today, the project was leaf rubbing with crayon or coloured pencils. They bought all items as instructed. While I was making my rounds in the class showing them what to do, a student (who is also my lecturer's daughter) approached me and said "Muallimah. Nah. Mak saya suruh bagi kat muallimah. Giving me this cute tiny leaves (aha..tak tahu apa namanya):

*from Anis Humaira bt Alizi*

Upon reaching home, I carefully place it on my shelf. Sometimes, tiny gesture will make you smile and feels happy. Thank you Humaira.

The second plant is Oregano Plant from Kak Mala. Oregano, one of the spices that is usually added into spaghetti and pizza sauces. Balik rumah terus tanam. Is this a sign? Haha. Baru tengah fikir-fikir nak sambung Master part-time.Pappp... Datang pokok untuk buat perencah masak.

*credits to Google Image* Gini la rupanya. Tak sempat nak snap yg dapat tadi punya. Tanam cepat before Maghrib tadi. Takut layu*


Allah Knows Best.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kerja punya cerita...


Its been 2 days that I feel really tired. These 2 my sleeping time..usually, even when the clock strikes 12am, my eyes are still wide open. My table at the office? Alhamdulillah almost cleared. Have distributed all marked books. Next week will be their final examination and at the same time, have to make preparations for their Majlis Ihtifal-scheduled in the middle of November 2010.

On top of that, I am very lucky to have good and supportive colleagues. Nak gurau, buat lawak bila tengah stress, kongsi cerita dan tazkirah. Yesterday, I got 'kain ela' to make baju kurung (eh...kain untuk kain simpan buat tudung kawen ok tak? Macam cantik je. Jap...tapi its not black...buat jela baju kurung) from usrah members, keropok from the Standard Six Rombongan Crews to Terengganu (SSRCT) and a chocolate bar. Today? A nice and cute keychain, also from the SSRCT. Syukran jaziila...(",).

One important thing to remember when it comes to career life is about handling money. Wisely. Thanks a lot to mama for guiding me through this cruise. Made a pledge to myself: No credit card. Planning to buy something 'big'? Save. That day, made a pit-stop at an electrical item shop. Jenguk-jenguk. The price of refrigerator, the price of washing machine. Steam iron and toaster from my college life still good...for my own house in the future (uhu...cita-cita). Rumah asalkan boleh solat, rehat, makan dan minum, kongsi masa with beloved family... Alhamdulillah.

p/s: mencari-cari permata yang hilang...tadi an office mate asked me " Dah ada orang ke?". Me "Ada." I did'nt gave much attention to her words as I am busy focusing on my books. Slipped-of- the tounge?...kena tanya lecturer Cognitive dulu...korang tak sabar nak bagi hadiah eh (memang nak ketawa tapi busy sangat deh). Siapa nak bagi buku instead of perfumes and handbag angkat tangan?Duit ribu-riban pun saya tak nak. Mak cakap, life after that lagi penting.

Ayah...everytime I help him with a chore, he always say " Berkat anak ayah. Dapat suami soleh". Tq dad for the du'a.

(just ignore my jokes...)

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tazkirah: Friends


*rehat kejap dgr tazkirah...*

Just now, after Maghrib, around 7:45pm, while working on my calligraphy@ khat, I listened to IKIM. FM. The ustaz (can't remember who) was talking about the importance of friends/ friendship. Amongst the quote is:

"Carilah lebih seribu sahabat kerana seribu itu belum tentu mencukupi; dan janganlah kau mencari walau seorang pun musuh kerana satu itu cukup menyakitkan..."

When Luqmanul Hakim passed away, his son sat in front of his house. Then, a friend of his father (Luqman)-also a wise man asked " Son, what are you thinking of?". Then, the boy answered " My late father told me to build a house in every place/ everywhere and I am thinking how to make it possible". Then the wise man answered " My dear son, what your father actually meant by his words are MAKE FRIENDS EVERYWHERE YOU GO".

Me myself, going to almost 6/7 different schools and education institutions and meeting hundreds of friends (although I can't remember all names) gave me beautiful and wonderful experiences. They came from different background and culture. Sharing stories with friends is like traveling around the world without having the pain to pay for expensive air fare and accommodation fees.

The most important moment when I really appreciate my friends is when I was admitted to hospital last year and my friends was there to give me support and encouragements. They were there when I need to share my laughter. And...they were still there when I dropped my tears.

Allah SWT said in Surah Al- Asr that:

"...Sesunggunya manusia itu dalam kerugian. Kecuali bagi mereka yang beramal soleh dan mereka yang berpesan-pesanan kepada kebaikan.."

Money is not important. What is more important is the words and advice given in making us 'richer' with experience and knowledge in becoming a better person.

Fighting and arguments are normal. It sometimes the arguments that make us know our friends better and appreciate them more.

Another wise sayings quoted that:

Jika kau bersahabat dengan penjual minyak wangi, kau akan mendapat percikan harumannya dan jika kau berkawan dengan tukang besi, kau akan dapat bau besi yang ditempa.

p/s: Thank you very much for being there, friends.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milo &ABC Philosophy

(these came out of my mind...)

Did you mind if i put only a little bit of milk? Or did you feel hurt when i boil the water to hot? Is it freezing cold when the glass is full of ice?Its not easy to make it perfect but enjoy the moment when we are together...

The mountains of ice.... with its pink and black flowing sugar. Dig it under and you will find...Ei....where's the cincau? Oh...let me see. You got a lot more kidney beans than me. Pass it here some to me. You will aware what your friends like and share it with them. When the ice has melted, don't just let it go...admire it. As you had enjoyed beutiful moment with it before.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On child's education, care and future


Went to Carrefour last night to fetch some groceries. Then at the baby's product aisle, while looking for a powder, a boy in a trolley sang- following a song on the supermarket's radio. Fluent.

This morning,went to Perpustakaan Negara with mama. As usual,my book of interest- cerpen sastera. While browsing through few books I had in hand, I saw a father showing to his son (around the age of 8/ 9 years old) a book of the world flags "Ni la bendera Europe etc....''. Smiled when I observed them.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been handling the Hafazan & Tilawah test for standard 1 students. Masya Allah. Benarlah Al- Qur'an itu mendamaikan. Destressing the daily stress and making us feels calm. Especially this particular boy- heard his voice while reciting the surahs with other teachers. May one day he become like Syeikh Jibril (just like the student's name- Syed Jibril).

On Saturday, after the school meeting, I had a chat with two teachers about the daycare centre/nursery where they sent their child. Making survey already huh :). Mama informed me about the recent case of a nursery closure in Putrajaya- a baby was chocked to death (tercekik susu). The victim was sadly the child of a pakguard at our PETRONAS quarters here. Risau nanti mama tengah kerja fikir anak (or anak-anak?) ok ke tidak.

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Ok. Enough of Convocation 2010 story. Will keep the rest of story for my kids later.

Alhamdulillah I am now in a short-break mood.3 days. 5-7 October 2010. PMR. So, I take this opportunity to be at home with my parents and cats. But not a full holiday. Have to finish sewing order (bekas botol air) from my officemate and cheesecake order from an IIUM Counselor.

Bought 4 new khat books yesterday. I like them very much. Just need to warm up and open back my box of khat-writing supplies. Belajar penat-penat tak praktis, nanti lupa. Orang kata kalau mak suka kat buku, nanti anak-anak pun Insya Allah suka buku ('',).

Ok. Just a short break. Need to bake some blueberry muffins as will visit my aunt and grandma in Shah Alam tonight. Nak?

Allah knows best.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Convocation 2010: The Day



8:30am- 2:00pm

Alhamdulillah the school management gave me a day off as actually this particular Saturday the school held TKRS (the kawad-perkhemahan thing) test for standard 6 students and I am not involved. So, early in the morning, around 8am I took the bus from my rumah sewa here and off to IIUM (macam jauh je bunyi-tak sampai 5 minit pun naik bas kot). I have to be there early as I need to take the room key from a friend whom I will be staying with as she need to teach tuition after her Parenting class.

9:00pm-1am (4-10-2010)

After Isya' prayer, we went to pay a visit to the Convest Hill. A memorable place for me. it suddenly rains heavily when we made to make only half round through the fest. Me? Trying to protect Encik Haytham (camera) in my petite yellow bag from the rain. Oh. Kamu selamat ya? Then we wait for under the SUKSIS tent while waiting for another friend to fetch the car.

Oh yes. Saw the MAfiNACT (where all the forces/ police volunteer teams played their musical instruments etc). Love the sound of the music, drums beats, horns and most of all...actions. Ok. Had only 5 minutes chance to witness them from a far...We then went to fetch another friend at the PUTRA LRT station before having a 'mini graduation dinner' at Melawati.

1:00am-2:30 am (03-10-2010)

Ironed the black jubah and cream tudung to be used for the big day. And also the robe and the hood. Maiza commented that I iron my clothes very fast. Eh? Is it? We also exchanged stories about our working life experiences.

THE DAY (03-10-2010)

5:45 am-7:45 am

Wake up for Subuh prayer, had my shower etc. Thanks to 'tuan bilik@ cameraman for the day'- Cik Zulaiha for preparing us breakfast while we get ready. Around 7:20, we walk to CAC. Thinking that we are already late. Putting on our robe at EDU Cafe and adjusting them all the way to the side of the waiting area. Mum texted me that she and abah is already in Gombak and entering IIUM. I can't wait to see the. Missed them so much.

(consequences with my Partner-in-Crime@ best friend, Kak Fizah before the ceremony)
ItalicEh...akak tak tau pun kena butang kat bahu ni...

Saying goodbye to my cameraman. Jumpa lepas keluar dewan

Muka masing-masing confused cari tempat nak line up
8:30 am

Procession enters the hall. Feels like a VIP ;) as it was the first time I had the chance to walk on a red carpet. Had the chance to met my fellow classmate. Ya Allah. Thank you for all the ni'mat and blessings you've bestowed upon us.

9:00 am-12 pm

The convocation session 3 began. The crowd was...Masya Allah. Almost 95% I bet was HS students and the rest are graduates from the Kuliyyah of Nursing.

Just when the graduands of Psychology was to get ready, mum text me again "Mak kat atas bahagian tengah pakai tudung merah". When my turn comes, I felt like both of my feet was already trembling. Remembered the moment I received the award trophy for SPM and did not even looked at the presenter's face as I was too nervous. But this time, bowed a little and looked at the presenter's face to receive my scroll. Phew!!!
12 pm- 1pm

Alhamdulillah. I am now officially a graduate of IIUM. Ok. Now, looking for my mum, abah, and adik from the crowds. Meanwhile, when to the field in front of CAC to have some snapshots with my Psychology buddies. Congrats friends.

Dah rimas, maka topi pun hilang dari kepala..hihi. Siapa la tu kan?

After that, managed to find my family. At last (punya la ramai orang). Special thanks to mum especially as she is actually in the middle of conducting training for PETRONAS and took half day off to witness my important day. She and and abah later rushed back to Bangi as her trainings continued at 2:00pm.

The two important persons behind my success

The 12 roses gift from them.

Special guest for the day? My 3 1/2 year Mahallah Asiah roomate, Syieda. Missed the moments of making tuna sandwich toast (our staple food), strawberry tea, watching movies on our laptops and the best is...I learn a few Urban Planning things from her. Praying for her success as she got some more project papers to finish.

With kangaroo gift from Syieda
Ada kat bilik baca buku serious macam ni? Kami sahaja yang tahu..owh

Then, after mama and abah went back, my grandma, aunty and cousins from Shah Alam came. Another surprise gift.

Taking back the gifts that I received. Thanks all.

This is not the end of journey but the beginning of the new life. Life Spiderman's uncle said: With great power, comes great responsibilities. Now, am a teacher. I am not only to teach my fellow students but also to teach my self to be a better person always.

Allah Knows Best.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Convocation 2010: Part 3

3 Psychology + 2 Political Science graduands.
Berseri muka tgk budak.
Specially to Counselling Services Centre, here we are today. Thanks for the mentoring. Us: Guidance & PEERS Group
Susah tau tak nak tengok aku duduk diam-diam macam ni.

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Congratulations to all graduands of IIUM 26th Convocation 2010. Special dedication to all fellow friends of Psychology & HS. Ok. Would get 3 days of (Tuesday- Thursday this week) and 2 days (Monday-Tuesday) next week. PMR jiran bangunan sebelah. Mama dan abah dah memangil-manggil pulang...

p/s: Congrats to Humble Wayfarer too :)