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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today's recipe....testing2...


For dinner just now...

1) Fresh Baked Potato and Mozzarella Cheese

Among the ingredients needed are...(not all are listed. sat lagi berbau kamera bawak masuk dapur)

potato (-oes)

Olive oil

Black pepper

End product...Alhamdulillah :).

2) Vanilla-apricot pudding

Sila-sila jamu...baca Bismillahirahmanirahim dulu....

Happy to make my mum and dad satisfied and full :). Let's explore more recipes later.

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Learn and learn and learn..

Bottom from left: My arwah atuk walid, mum & dad, me at around 1 years old. My inspiration. Other inspiration, simpan dlm hati.... :)


Last night, slept at 2:00am...its not just merely because I am on break. Listened to a parenting-related talk on IKIM radio by Dr Harlina Siraj. Macam pagi takda je siaran tu. Its a replay... to concentrate more on my task. The radio responsibility is only to play music as a companion. Listening to talk shows would surely needed more attention and concentration...During the days in IIUM, like to tune into Bernama Radio for the Pengguna (consumer) issue programme. 1am too. Dah pagi pergi kelas...Anyway, thanks for making a repeat show.

Being busy with works doesn't mean that I have to put aside the mission to seek knowledge. Life-long learning. There's no tomorrow if you didn't put the effort today. Like my late teacher always say " Biar usaha yang sedikit tetapi istiqamah...".

Some of my textbooks that are still on the rack...masih dibaca bila kebosanan...novel saya la ni :)

Being a graduate of Psychology Degree...people would say that " Rugi belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi tak kerja...". But in my humble opinion " Memang nampak rugi kalau belaja habis duit banyak tapi tak kerja tapi lagi rugi kalau kita sibuk kerja, anak tak tahu apa khabar kat rumah...". Maybe because every person have their own motivation. Taking psychology also a part of mum's advice (other than my own interest). She said that at least if I am not working, I could practice it with my own family later on. Syukran ummi.

Maybe I am not a good tailor or designer such as Riezalman Ibrahim, or a good chef such as Chef Wan or Chef Sabri, or a good housekeeper such as Martha Stewart. But will always pray from now so that I can educate my family (kids) with the best tarbiyyah I can. Solat, puasa, ibadah lain cukup pun dah sejuk hati.... watching the students praying jemaah at school had made me happy enough. Listening to them reciting their du'a before meal put a big smile on my face (even sometimes they are SUPER enough to handle). What's more if its our own little kids.

Sometimes I just let them play to explore their creativity. See the happy face?

Ok. Got to continue with my works... my naqibah said "Don't just let the holiday go without doing anything..".

Allah Knows Best ('',)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday activities so far...

As usual, my favourite motive (and food!)-fish. Part of a pencil case.

Bunga telur for my friend's wedding this coming December. Figuring other designs, too.


These were some crafts made to kill my time this break. The bunga telur a.k.a rosette (to be worn by her family members on the big day) is a request by my officemate Kak Yatt for her wedding this coming December. 20 more to made. And Insya Allah on her wedding day, I will be given the responsibility to photograph the event from akad to reception. Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir...rabbi tammim bikhair..(moga dipermudahkan segala urusan...ameen).

Congratulations to my childhood friend, Nani and her husband for the arrival of bundle of joy yesterday. Shall pay a visit soon, Insya Allah.

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sacrifice, Syukur and Sewing

Bismillahirahmanirahim... is my 2nd day of school holiday (attn Puan Ain @ Cousin: Saya cuti awal dari kamu...hihi) and the day of Eid ul Adha 1431H. So happy to be safely home with my beloved family. Performed eid prayer with my parents at the UNITEN Mosque. After Zuhr prayer, went to pay a visit to my aunt in Shah Alam. A small family gathering and du'a selamat.

There, while finishing my meal, watch a Eid ul Adha documentary. Sinar Aidul Adha if I was not mistaken. About their journey and visit to a remote village in Cambodia. Watching it, makes me more thankful and grateful with what I am having now. They still bath and wash their clothing using water from the well, eat rice with only salt as their lauk, and share few tin cans to be used as cups during kenduri or majlis. Some of their mosque are leaking here and there. But I was really amazed as the bilal@ imam of the mosque in that particular village is blind yet still walks confidently to the mosque without anyone helping. His voice saying the azan was also...beautiful. Masya Allah.

Here, we are fortunate to have a proper bathroom and sewage system, delicious lauk and foods to enjoy. There... they only get the chance to eat meat once a year during Eid ul Adha. During ceremony and kenduri, at least we use a decent glass to quench our thirst without having to share with other people. Our mosques here, so far to which I have go, can be used as a protection during rain or shine without water leaking and dropping on your head while praying yet...its only full during Jumu'ah or Eid prayer.

Someone said to me, in the worldly matters, we should always look at those who are less fortunate than us to be thankful and grateful with what we have. But in akhirah or the matter of 'ibadah, we should made those who are more pious as our motivation and aspiration to be a better 'abid.

Other episode of life...

This is my pencil case. Have to stuff everything there. But feel sorry to some of my stationery as not all can go inside there. Kecik. Especially to my 6 whiteboard markers. Haish. Too many ah? Black, blue, red, violet, orange, green. Used particularly during my science class. To draw every thing on the whiteboard; an effort to make my student understand better.

The solution? Just now, finished making and sewing my own pencil bag in 1 hour. Now, I can put everything inside it. Nothing left behind. Hope so ;).

Making more plans for this year end break.

Esok mahu buat pizza and jahit benda lain...lagi. Menghabiskan benang aja...

Allah Knows Best.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid ul Adha & Holiday


I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Eid al- Adha to all fellow friends and family members. To my dear students, take care and make use of this long holiday. Take care of yourselves and hope to see all of you in the school session 2011.

Ok. If the students are enjoying their break, same goes to their teacher here ;). Harus melangsaikan hutang-hutang masa yang tertunggak dengan keluarga tercinta. Selamat Pengantin Baru to my fellow teachers Kak Aziziah, Kak Hasmah, Kak Ila, Kak Madihah and Muallim Baihaqi. Barakallahuhama wa baraka alaikuma wajam'a bainakuma fil khair...

Take Care

Allah Knows Best

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunshine ('',)


Alhamdulillah done with one, big heavy task. Filing in the details and marks for my students' report cards...and thinking how would it look like, how would it be during the report card pick-up day this Saturday. First time experience for me. Am quite nervous to meet the parents. Last night...could only sleep when the clock strikes 3am when everything is completed.

Today at school, I am thankful to my Standard 2 students who helped me a lot with the task of stamping the dates. The report cards are now safely in the hands of the Examination Unit. Sometimes, they helped to re-arrange the items in my pencil case or even offer a shoulder massage. Yesterday, one of the Standard 1 students noticed that one of my spectacle's fixtures almost fell off and they helped to hold my things and patiently wait till I put the fixture back on the nose bridge part. Recieved a surprise gift from one of them...kain ela/ kain potong to be tailored as baju kurung/ jubah. Dalam nakal-nakal depa pun...penuh dengan nilai-nilai murni ;). Di doakan semoga nilai-nilai Islamiyah akan terus subur dan berkembang dalam jiwa mereka...

Few times I wondered why the kids loves to cling (menempek) on to me. They said that " Sebab muallimah ni tak garang" (Me...garu-garu kepala jap). But when I think back...selalu juga kena marah depa tu. Awat nya dikata tak garang?. Sometimes, they asked why I like to say THANK YOU each time they send they books and homework. Its one of the way to show my appreciation for their efforts.

They just know how to make me smile and cheer me up when I am down.

Thank You dears ('',).

p/s: Tomorrow...the announcement of UPSR/ SPPM result.

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random II


Mode menulis kerana rindukan abah dan mama di rumah. Teringat akan sentiasa di pesan-pesan walau sekecil-kecil perkara cuma. Usah gusar duhai diri. Mungkin benar telahan saya kala masih menanti peluang pekerjaan. Saya sering berkata pada diri " Diri ini sedang diberi peluang yang lebih lama untuk bersama keluarga kerana mungkin pabila sudah memulakan tugasan, masa bersama keluarga terhad". Tinggal seminggu sahaja lagi (15/Nov) sebelum akan memulakan cuti sekolah yang panjang. Seminggu awal dari sekolah-sekolah lain :).

Di dalam kepala sudah direncanakan beberapa acara dan perkara yang perlu dilakukan. Bersama mama, sebagai 'financial consultant'...sudah diberi tahu akan perancangan untuk membeli lens dan speedlite baru untuk Encik Al- Haytham saya. Walaupun sudah bergaji sendiri, nasihat mama masih diperlukan untuk pengurusan kewangan. Dan, saya juga sudah berjanji pada diri dan mama, tidak mahu kredit kad. Untuk kegunaan majlis rasmi keluarga dan acara-acara di sekolah. Mentor fotografi ku pernah berpesan, jangan malu untuk belajar. Cari pengalaman, biasakan diri dengan keadaan, situsai. Ada rezeki kemudian hari, who knows ?

Alhamdulillah gaji bulan ketiga, dapat ku asingkan 25% ke akaun Tabung Haji dan akaun lagi satu. Kini tinggal kira-kira 50% dalam akaun gaji. Selamat juga tak jumpa mesin ATM ni kan? 25% lagi telah digunakan untuk membayar bil telefon, ubatan, keperluan harian, tempah baju dan beli tudung. Ok. Bukan saja-saja tau. Baju dan tudung ada yang hampir mencecah usia 3-5 tahun dan hari- hari pakai. Dah tiba masanya untuk...bertukar... ('',).

Rezeki...Alhamdulillah. Makan tengah hari dan minum petang sudah disediakan di sekolah. Duit sewa rumah, tak payah pening nak fikir. Alhamdulillah tumpang a family-friend (kawan mama). Orang mungkin kata, gaji yang aku peroleh sedikit. Mungkin aku boleh pergi cari kerja yang gaji RM 2000 keatas tapi kalau difikirkan kos dan masa untuk commuting, tempat tinggal etc...sekarang, Alhamdulillah. Dapat aku menunaikan solat dan ibadah dengan aman dan selesa. Tetapi, bila dah berkeluarga, itu cerita lain. Susu, pampers, baju, education...Insya Allah rezeki sudah ditentukan. Cuma perlu di usaha kan :).

Lagi...hmm...abah, nak gi kedai buku lagi boleh tak? Nak cari lagi buku khat kat kedai Arab macam hari tu. Jom pergi Kinokuniya. Tak dapat beli, jamu mata survey-survey pun dah puas ;).

Dan...lama rasanya tangan ini tidak mengacau tepung, sepah-sepah kan dapur sikit, jalan-jalan gi bakeri...resipi dah terkumpul dalam laptop. Masa untuk eksperimen. Lagi dan lagi...

Apa lagi...? Menjahit? Toing. Tengok la. Apa jadi.

Oh...Ahad ni Ihtifal sekolah. Tahniah anak-anak yang telah mencapai kejayaan. Buat yang lain, selamat meneruskan usaha dan perjuangan antum...

Hampir terlupa misi paling JPJ on-road test kereta. Nanti mama marah. Aku yang risau. Pegang steering, tak toleh kiri kanan dah...sampai cikgu driving selalu kata "Slow la sikit...". Opss, Syifaa' nanti jangan tiru mama.

Allah Knows Best

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jagalah hatimu ;)


Lama rasanya tidak mengeluarkan belanja untuk membeli bahan bacaan atau majalah. Alhamdulillah hari ini, dikeluarkan sedikit daripada pendapatanku untuk membeli 2 majalah keluaran terbaru Solusi dan 1 back issue yang di ulang cetak....

Ingin dikongsi sedikit kata-kata hikmah yang terdapat dalam majalah tersebut...sebuah petikan hadith daripada Rasulullah S.A.W...peringatan dan semangat buat diri yang sering hanyut, leka, dan alpa:

" Keadaan orang Mukmin itu sangat menakjubkan, kerana segala urusan yang menimpanya dianggap baik. Tetapi keadaan ini hanya berlaku kepada orang yang beriman. Iaitu apabila mendapat kesenangan, dia bersyukur kerana itu lebih baik untuknya. Dan apabila dilanda kesusahan dia bersabar, kerana itu lebih untuknya"

(Riwayat Muslim daripada Abu Yahya Syuhaib bin Sinan r.a)

"Carilah hatimu sewaktu membaca al-Qur'an. Jika kau tidak temui, carilah hatimu ketika mengerjakan solat. Jika kau tidak temui, carilah hatimu ketika duduk tafakur mengingati mati. Jika kau tidak temui juga, berdoalah kepada Allah S.W.T, pinta hati yang baru..."

Tuan pengetua di tempat saya mengajar pernah menyatakan yang berikut semasa tazkirah sebelum memulakan mesyuarat:

Hanya hati yang suci dapat memimpin hati yang lain

Allah Knows Best

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zero Gravity

To those who had given me support in walking through the ups and downs of life :)

(By David Archuleta)

Tell me what you did to me
Just there beneath my feet
Didn't even notice we were miles above the ground

I'm not afraid of heights
We crashed into the sky
Didn't know that I could feel the way that I do now

I'm not asking for an explanation
All I know is that you take me away
And you show me how to fly

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity

When things get messed up
You lift my head up
And I get lost in the clouds
There's no sense of time with you and I
It's zero gravity

The edges fade away
'Til there's no more shades of gray
You only have to whisper anything at all

You opened up my eyes
You turned my lows to highs
And that's the only way that I know how to fall

Not gonna analyze or try to fight it
Don't even care if it makes no sense at all
'Cause with you I can fly

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity

When things get messed up, you lift my head up
And I get lost in the clouds
There's no sense of time with you and I
It's zero gravity

You make it so easy to just drift away
I can't imagine being without you

Don't think about it, don't think about
Don't think about, don't think about
(Don't think about it)
Don't think about it
(Don't think about it)

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity
Zero gravity

16 years ago..and now I am back :)

Al- Amin Gombak vs Al-Amin KL. 16 tahun yang lalu, dewan di belakang mereka itu hanyalah sebuah kantin yang dituju oleh seorang budak darjah 1 yang tengah lapar ;)
Jurulatih utama & kedua pasukan. Photographing the event and memories :)
16 tahun yang lalu, saya seperti mereka. Berlari-lari di koridor ini. Kelas di tingkat 1 itu (yang pintu kuning hampir tertutup itu) adalah dahulu 1 Umar...di mana saya memulakan langkah persekolahan...
Wajah-wajah sang juara, bersama jurulatih utama.


Alhamdulillah last Tuesday, had the opportunity to pay a visit to my alma mater, Al- Amin Keramat, KL. Not for studying, of course :). The netball team and futsal from both school held a friendly match. The netball team from Gombak scored 16-2 and the boys' futsal team seri (eh...what did we call seri in English anyway?).

The feelings I had...after 16 years (1994) I left...macam jejak kasih pun ada...had the chance meeting one of my teachers. Cikgu Fatimah who taught me Fiqh and Tauhid back then. Nothing much had changed except for few renovations and the names of classes.

Allah Knows Best

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Letter to My Heroes


Dear heroes of heart…

28th of September 2010 is the day I was interviewed to be part of the great forte of education. 30th of September, my first unofficial day of work. Greeting you, the little heroes and attending my first meeting. 2nd of August, the day that I will always treasure in my heart. My official day of work, after patiently waiting for almost 3 months. But deep inside me, I know that patient is a virtue and will be rewarded. And, the 3 months of waiting is rewarded with your smiles, heroes.

My dear heroes,

Teaching had not only gave me the chance to discover your potentials but I also learnt to develop and improve myself at the same time. Your Quranic recitation is truly a healing power for me when I am stressed. Teaching Arts…nothing else had been an enjoyment to me playing with colours and crafts. Guiding you through the steps of cutting, folding and colouring taught me to be more patient.

Sometimes, I do scold you. Mad at you for the mischief you’ve made. For the mess you’ve done to the class. But I forgot that are only a bud of the flower that is about to blossom and grow. You are about to discover yourself and the world around you. I forgot that I was once like you.

Dear heroes,

Nothing more made me smile than seeing you being able to proceed on to the next chapter of your life. From knowing nothing to be able to read the whole chapters in the book. From learning to hold the pencil properly to writing in whole page of the paper.

If I can, I want you score with flying colours in your studies. Scoring A’s in your subjects. But Allah had arranged the world in a very beautiful way. With hidden beauty @ hikmah in every episodes of life. Every person has their own abilities. So, never give up when you see your peers smile to their papers or grasp more during lessons as you yourself are also special in your own way.

Dear heroes,

Seeing you cry that day during the immunization made my love towards you stronger as if I could, I did not want you to go through any pain like I do.

I do cry sometimes, when I think of you. Thinking how to give the best so that you could see colours ahead. Life is not simple as you think. Life is not as easy as the breeze. The pain is there. But, don’t worry dear because I am here, always here for you.

My dear heroes,

Lastly, hoping that you’ll enjoy your long school break soon. Plan for the best. Ittaqullahu haitha ma kuntum… Remember Allah wherever you are. Never abandon your prayers and ibadah…no matter how busy you are with your beloved family and friends.

Take care and waiting to see your smiles again in 2011.

Hugs and care,

Teacher Mahirah