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Monday, April 9, 2012

About Honesty & Friends


Once upon a time, mum asked: Mahirah , don’t you have any close friends now?. Knowing that I have a bunch from my high school days and another lovely bunch from my bachelor study days, she expect that I would also have another bunch now.

Last weekend, my graphic instructor asked me to sms other peers for the cancellation of class and I said: I got no numbers la sir. Yeap. I am kind of hard and slow to believe in other people. I like to observe people, how they speak, walk and doing other things first before approaching them.

Why am I talking (typing la) about these things?

Finding the honest people for you to deal with everyday is not that easy as buying stuff at the shop. Being a postgraduate student is quite different from the life as a bachelor degree student. Observing the freshies/ juniors reminded me much of those days. Walking in a group of people to anywhere they go, with the same group of peers, talking quite about the same issues and topics, knowing where to have your lunch date with your peers...the list goes on.

Now, it is good enough if you managed to get to know and be close to a few number of friends. Just please do not expect to hang out and ask your friends to tag you along anywhere you are going. Most of my classmates are either working or married so I know that they would sure have other responsibilities outside class hours.

The closest and the most super friend I have now (and always, Insya Allah) is Miss Nurul Zulaiha a.k.a Zulblack Widow. I have known her for about 4 years now since our training with the CSC IIUM during my degree days. Although we are trained in a different support group (I am with the Guidance & she’s with the PEERS), our common meeting place, the CSC office made it possible for us to discover that we have the potential to be best friends. The real friend.

Not just a friend who would be with me only when I am laughing but also that I know that she will always be there to lend a shoulder to cry on. She does not only praise and support, but also gave the best commentary and critiques for me to improve myself. The best thing is that she always took me to the IIUM.FM radio studio/ conti. There, I get to know with few other great people from the Communication Department while I have the chance observing how a radio station functions.

Zulmaryan a.k.a Yan...spotted her first at the Finance Department during our Masters Registration day last September. It is great to know that we met again in the Statistic subject and later we became group mate for class assignments with another friend, Raihan. This semester Alhamdulillah we are in the same class again for Qualitative Research subject. Being with a different specialization (Yan & Raihan: Curriculum while me Psychology), I shall use the fullest chance given to get to know them better (esp. Yan...maaf aku selalu je kan sakat kau =) ).

There’s another great friend, cik Syahidah Adnan. My roommate during my degree days. Even though we are now miles apart (Syida, kau kerja kat Penang je pun), I will sometimes try my best to keep in touch with her either through sms or Facebook. Now, whenever I visited any exhibition held at the Architecture Department, my thoughts are always with her as that particularly lovely friend of mine always took me to exhibitions and once to her working studio.


(Outside the circle of classmate/ friends but still ‘friends’ I guess)

About twice a week, whenever I did not have the mood to make myself a light breakfast of a cup of Milo, I would surely have my morning fuel at the EDU Cafe. The ‘kakak jaga kaunter’ (yet to get to know her name) always charge me with the price of just RM 2 for a place of ‘kuew teaow goreng’ and a cup of ice Milo (don’t ask-hantu of this stuff). I always gave her the look of ‘ha...biar betul kak?’ But smiled with a big thank and praying that ‘Moga murah rezeki dia’. The Milo is the ‘real milo’ (which now priced at about RM 31 every 2 KG pack which me myself nak beli every month pun kena ‘tutup mata’ and grab). Dia jaga kaunter pun senyum je... =).

After paying for the meal, my favourite spot to seat at the cafeteria is the place directly under the fan, the place where ‘makcik cleaners’ always ‘duduk- duduk’ for their rest. Tak kisah pun borak- borak dengan diorang. Best apa. Orang- orang tua ni kata- kata mereka ada hikmat, Insya Allah. Without them, the campus would not be in a pleasant place, right?

The computer man which I sent my laptop for service sometime end of last semester...located at the Engineering Department. Repaired my laptop at a very reasonable price. Being honest with me by saying that as my laptop is still under warranty; I have not to pay hundreds of ringgit for the hardware repair. I only have to pay for the service of sending my laptop to the service centre somewhere in Damansara. The other pc repair store (also in IIUM) awal-awal kalau tukar dah kena RM XXX. Alhamdulillah masih ada repairman yang jujur.


I am not the kind of person who is easy with words.I am a bit talkative girl (YES) but when it comes to expressing myself I would most of the times goes like ...err..aa...clueless (tak terkata gitu). But then, this semester, a lecturer could spot what I am going to say by just looking at my facial expression. Agree or disagree. Sometimes I am just too scared if my words would hurt other people’s feeling.

Finding a good friend or an honest people is just like looking for a good theory from heaps of journals and publication. Find someone who could make you into a more pious person, Insya Allah. To all my lovely friends out there, even I’ve not stated your names here, thank you so much for everything. Barakallahu fikum.

Allah Knows Best.