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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kem Tarbawi Guru: Reporter on Duty ;)


After a hard day of work, holding a baby (walau pinjam anak orang lain), just make my day happier...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Junior Engineering Challenge: Notes of Experience.


Last two days (Wednesday), when Kak Yam (a colleague) approached me at my office asking me whether I could do some coverage at Junior Engineering Challenge in IIUM yesterday (Thurday), I instantly say "Yes''...hihi. What a coincidence that my class only started at 2:35pm...of course with permission from the headmaster to do external coverage (photos on previous entries).

The aim of sending the students is to give them exposure in joining such programme and encourage them to be more creative, either in their studies or daily skills.

Noted: I think I and Kak Yam are excited as they do in the challenge. Rasa macam nak buat, tapi dah melibihi had umur... bagi idea dari tepi je la kan =).

30 minutes were given to finish each challenge : 1) Bridge Structure (2) Egg in the Parachute.

At 11:30am, we gathered at C.A.C Main Hall for some sharing moment sessions with the 2nd Malaysian Astronaut, Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed. A lot of things are learn from his talk. Amongst them are:

1) The tests that the candidates had to pass before proceeding to the next challenge. Physical and psychological test as well as weather and survival tests.

2) Soyuz Capsule structure.

3) The ISS (International Space Station) is actually a lab located in the outer space. It orbits the earth 25 times per day for every 90 minutes. So goes the story of Around The World in 80 Days... I can't imagine how big is the structure. How could it float with all the heavy structures?

Sesungguhnya Allah SWT mengurniakan 'aql kepada manusia untuk berfikir...

Thought about this just now upon reaching home...

But what is more amazing is that planet earth is only a tiny bit of the Solar System and the Solar System is only a tiny portion of the Milky Way Galaxy...and...Milky Way Galaxy is only a small structure of a larger system... Subhanallah! Masya Allah! Allahu Akbar!

4) Oxygen system in the outer space...I mean their spaceship and space suit. 9 hours of supply in case of emergency...after few processes (its a long story though) if accidents occur.

5) Fiqh as- Solat. How could they tell the prayer times during their course of stay in the outer space. The knowledge its not only important to them but also for the rest of us (mana tau tiba-tiba kena pos gi bulan ke...).

What I understand is that, the prayer time is determined by the prayer times of the place where the capsule is launched. That's why astronauts usually wear more than 1 watch (some would wear 3 watches).

p/s: The Standard 1 students loves to watch any airplane or jets that are flying in the sky. And I always say to them " Nak naik bulan, kena belajar rajin-rajin...''

Allah Knows Best

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Junior Engineering Challenge: In person with Mejar Dr Faiz


Few moments captured with the 2nd Malaysian astronaut, Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed during the Junior Engineering Challenge. Need to made necessary reports to school on the event after this.

Junior Engineering Challenge: Engineers in Action


Some moments captured throughout the event.

Imagine having to spend the whole day with them. Cheerful and cheeky... (at Wataniah's Booth)

Thinking and planning session

Construction in progress

First challenge (Bridge Structure): Managed to gain Top 10 Finalist...Alhamdulillah.

Challenge 2 (Egg in The Parachute): Getting ready to launch their parachute...the eggs landed safely without any cracks =)

Busy taking the balloons. Asal depa bahagia tak masuk agenda ye anak-anak
Peace =)

Junior Engineering Challenge: Future Engineers =)


Alhamdulillah today, our school had the chance to join the Junior Engineering Challenge organized by ENGINIUS IIUM. Here are the eight lucky chosen students.

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Nu'man


My morning 'routine' on the way to the bus stop to school is to stop for a while at the nursery next to my 'rumah sewa' to observe the babies and kids there. Ambil semangat to start a cheerful day =). Just now, after returning from work, 'kidnap' one of the babies for a while...hihi. Comel. Hilang stress kejap...

Allah Knows Best

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eating? Or working?


Alhamdulillah I managed to fulfill my promise to go back home this weekend. Nothing feels best like home ('',)...looking at at our parents' face is the most calming thing to do. After mum picked me from Gombak, we went straight to my Aunt's place in Shah Alam to meet grandma. Thank you nenek for always taking me to the mosque since I was a toddler (I remembered her pushing my stroller) to accompany her in her agama and Qur'an classes.

At night, me, mum and abah went to Sungai Besi for some errands. There, while stopping at the roadside (as abah wanted to make few phone calls), I looked and observed things around. The stalls was countless but the one that our car stopped beside was already closed that time. I keep staring at that particular stall and suddenly spotted something on the ground. Guess what?

Cockroaches...!!! Yes. Encik , Puan, dan Anak-anak lipas sekeluarga...

They were like feasting or just enjoying the moment without humans' presence. Seriously. Seemed very happy and hyperactive. Kept running all over the place. Luckily I was in the car.

The question is...

1) Did they ever managed to climbed up the tables?
2) Or even worse... leaving little bits of their trails in the kitchen?

Fikir kejap...


That's why I am hoping (and targeted) to learn few new recipes per month. Thinking about all the hygiene and health issue related to the food industry that sometimes appear in the mass media, I know I must do something. At least for myself, family and circles of friends. It is because what we eat will be a part of of our body.

Okay... I made these over the weekend at home....

Fruit Pizza

Wholemeal Bread

and Kue Tart...dah selamat dalam perut...

Insya Allah tomorrow would be the 8th week of the year 2011 school session and yet, many things are waiting ahead for me.

Tomorrow? Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir, Rabbi Tammim Bikhair...

The whole week, I would probably have to spend 8am- 6:30pm at school than the my normal hours of 10:30am- 6:30pm. Tak apa lah sibuk sekejap. Nanti dah ada family sendiri satu hari nanti, Insya Allah will try my best to spend more time with them. Exam is coming up. And so do the school's Sports Carnival.

Insya Allah solat and ibadah will not be ignored. Abah said that, by hook or crook...PRAY!

A colleague noted that she is a bit 'takut' in seeing the way I did my job. Hihi... a bit detailed. Yes. Serious. Yes. But don't worry. I won't munch people. I can still be joking and laugh my heart out even while working on something.

Allah Knows Best.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tolaal Badru 'Alaina- Yusuf Islam


Few days ago, had conversation with a housemate of mine. About the nasyeed Tolaal Badru Alaina... a song sang by the people of Yathrib upon welcoming the Prophet Muhammad SAW arrival. It has been about...more than 1400 years. Subhanallah. The 'essence' of the lyrics is still in the song even thousands of version might have been created.

The most important is... to always remember and appreciate the sacrifices that Prophet Muhammad SAW in spreading the words and teaching of Islam.

Adakah kau menghargai insan yang mencintai dirimu sebelum kau lahir ke dunia?
Tidak kau tahu bahawa Muhammad (SAW) tetap menyebut Ummati...Ummati (ummatku) walau dirinya sedang gering?

Aku bersyukur kerana dilahirkan sebegai ummat mu Wahai Muhammad (saw)...
Aku bersyukur kerana masih diberi kekuatan untuk mengikuti sunnahmu...

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chilling at home =)


As today is a holiday and I have nothing much to do, I decided to came up with the Banana Ice Cream...without sugar. Just milk, bananas and few drops of butter vanilla. Started to make it at around 12pm but only managed to consume it after Maghrib. Have to kacau the semi hardened mixture every 30- 45minutes to obtain the desired texture. Maka housemate pun pelik tengok dok ulang alik bukak freezer... but the end- product...Alhamdulillah. Satisfied. Mari makan tanpa was-was... tak dapat ABC, buat eskrem pun jadi la...

Then, boiled peach-apricot tea. Teringat pula teh kat event hari tu. The best place to be is indeed...home.

p/s: and Kak Fizah started to remind me about the big doughnut back in Bangi...camno?

Allah Knows Best

Lights ahead...


En premir lugar,lo siento para ser emocional. Awwalu kalaam, ana aasif litakun aatofiyyah. First of all, I would like to say sorry for being emotional.

(update: Alhamduillah am already 100% ok after some du'as last nite =) )

Yup. Like the emoticon chart I pasted on my office wall, one of the smileys stated as " I didn't know why I cried''. Just ignore me. Will be alright in no time. ('',). I know I have to learn to stand strong on my own. Had an online conversation with a former colleague. Normal conversation like "apa khabar etc...''. Few seconds later, she asked "Are you having prob?''. Errk...haish. Belum taip apa-apa lagi masa tu. Emotional issue. Tentang seketul daging bernama hati. I've been asked few time " Macam mana nak tau kalau Mairah ni tgh marah ke, sedih ke..". I answered " Only those who are closed to me understands me". 6th sense? Sometimes. Sebab saya ni kadang keras macam batu tapi dalam hati hanya Allah yang tahu. Ok. I don't want to wet my laptop with my tears...sobb...sobb...

Ok. Now we proceed to the happy chapter of today's life journey...

Slept last night with the Qur'an recitations runs in my laptop and put on my headphone until Subh. With the intention to strengthen memorization of few surahs. Sleeps easily and Alhamdulillah woke up fresh.

This week is my MINGGU BERTUGAS. Handling the assembly, attend to students' problems etc. Good early start during the assembly. As MAULIDUR RASUL is on Tuesday (15/2), one of the ustaz hold a small talk about PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W. Before he begins, he turned on Maher Zain's song. Teringat masih ada 'hutang lagu' / request from my students (sorry kids still didn't have time)...kira hari ini selesai, aci tak?

Conducted a small ART THERAPY during my Science class in 1 Yasir today. I gave each of them small pieces of plasticine to turn into any desired shapes. Alhamdulillah... saw many budding artist today. I also learn more about their personalities through their art pieces.

I was asked to replace a teacher who was on leave as I got only 1 teaching session today. The kids (some of them whom I taught Science during standard 1 last year) asked " Muallimah, kenapa tahun ni tak ajar kitorang (darjah 2) Sains?''. Sometimes later in the washroom, met those kids again. I smiled when they said ''Muallimah ni baik kan. Kenapa tahun ni muallimah tak ajar kitorang''. Huh? Garang pun baik kah anak-anak ku?

A student gave me fruit pizza...yummy. Alhamdulillah. Got another idea on what recipe/ food to make. Thank you Aqeelah dear.

At night, sometimes after Isya', had some conversations with Kak Tasha, a mother of two who reverted to Islam from Christianity...teaching her some du'a recitations and answering questions related to Islam. Through our conversation, I learnt about the stages of voices in singing (as Kak Tasha was a member of a choir team before). Stage 1-4. Almost similar in Quranic Recitation as in Quranic Recitation, there are: suara dari mulut, suara perut, suara kepala (paling susah kontrol), and suara tekak. Still in the stage of improving and learning. Browsed through the net and found a tarannum song that I once taught to my students in Kelab Nasyid back in 2008.

Last but not least, a mini clay art...out of boredom. Hope they'll dry and hardened by morning.

Left my box of paints at home, so only managed to use these three available colors.

p/s: Salam Maulidur Rasul & Happy 25TH Anniversary to my dearest parents Mr Ismail Ahmed and Mrs Sharifah Muznirah (12 Rabiul Awwal 1407/ 14 November 1986)

Allah Knows Best

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CNY: Its about you, me, and us all


Alhamdulillah today, I had the chance to join the CNY Celebration at Abdullah Chan Restaurant in Melawati. An event organized by the Hidayah Centre and few other NGO bodies.

Am glad I didn't have to donate any money yet to this machine. Jimat duit minyak kereta pun ya. Tak yah fikir pasal nak parking mana pun ya. Masih belum ada keperluan. Simpan lesen baik- baik dalam wallet. Oh ya...kurang risiko kena saman dengan JPJ...hihi

Arrived at Melawati around 10:30. Early, isn't it? Motive: Wanted to take a look at some of the art shops around the area. If given the chance, I could spend hours browsing and 'sitting' in this kind of shops (instead of handbags and shoe shops). Geram tengok kaler and pensel macam-macam jenis... Found and bought these:

Paper clay for an art project + compass to be used in my khat/ calligraphy works.

And...also singgah at this shop... but the ingredients that I want are not available. So, I guess I need to wait until I return to Bangi to bake something...

11:10am- 11:30am

The event kicks off with its first session of lion dance performed by a group from Rawang. My first experience in watching such show.

Agaknya orang ni bagi amanat kot...

11:30am- 1:30 pm

The programme continues with few more rounds of lion dance. Two of this clowns make their rounds while sculpting balloons. Ok. Nak mintak, dah bukan budak-budak. Dah boleh jadi mak budak kira.

And the picture/ scene that I love most is...a girl doing some colourings in her book while accompanied by her dad. Remembered that abah always bought me and my sister books to occupy our time. I think I'll 'pass down this tradition' to my kids in the future, Insya Allah.

Had a simple wonderful lunch at around 12:45pm. Took sauced fish fillet, baby kailan cooked with oyster sauce, roasted chicken and thai style squid. Accompanied with a cup of Chinese Tea. Alhamdulillah. I know why I like Chinese style cooking-simple yet yummy. Especially the fish dish.

Made an early move back as thinking that...ESOK KERJA. And this week is my MINGGU BERTUGAS. And...the sports day practice will start as the big day (mini sports day and Sambutan 25 Tahun Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin) will arrive in less than 2 weeks (early March). Saya memang busy...

*****end of journal*****

I am fortunate and thankful to be invited and acknowledged about this programme. Told mum earlier about it as I am a bit 'lemah' if she asked 'Balik tak minggu ni' (her subtle way of saying 'SILA BALIK MINGGU INI...hihi). Could made the decision to go back home even not planned much earlier (abah dah kata, selagi belum kahwin, dok la khidmat dengan mama kamu. Nanti, nak balik pun kena minta izin). Ok ma...will go back home this weekend, Insya Allah. Abah also called the day before. Happily chatting. As usual.

Invited Uncle Alex to join the event but unfortunately he got some family matters to attend to.

Met an uncle by the name of Mr Lee (kan?). Learn so many things throughout conversations with him. About lion dance. Wow. So amazed to hear that the Malaysian lion dance group won four times consequentially. Beating teams from Macau, Hong Kong etc. It required good coordination of music combined with balancing and acrobatic act.

Secondly is about the unity of races in a state here in Malaysia. Even the Chinese involved in the dikir barat and could even speak good dialect of the area.

Thirdly...about China. Its business culture and nature. And the district of Beijing. Food. Ok. Food. I just grinned when he told about the large food portions. Especially the specialty local kambing dish. Kenduri sepupu hari tu bau lauk kamping pun dah tak nak makan...walau kena pujuk oleh mama. Aiyaaa...did I need to learn how to enjoy kambing dish? what I've always think, wonder and ponder all this while. Amazed why sometimes reverts are seem stronger in their understanding and practices of Islam. Subhanallah. Masya Allah. The key is...never take for granted for what we already have. Even if we are born as a Muslim, to a Muslim parents and family, we still have to make the effort to search for more knowledge from time to time.

Ilmu di bumi Allah SWT ini sangat luas dan tidak akan pernah habis ditulis walau digunakan tujuh lautan sebagai dakwat ilmu dan semua daunan sebagai hamparan tulisan.

a) Other pictures...waiting for a sahabah to upload the story ;). Bahagi gambar separuh-separuh.

b) Finished ironing stocks of tudungs and clothings for 2 weeks wear...prektis jadi seorang suri rumah.

c) Today in the history of Miss J (bak kata Miss Nemo)...jadi pendiam. Rehat kejap la dari bercakap ni. Dah hari-hari dok ngajar dan lecture budak-budak.

d) Mission to fulfill the request to teach a Christian revert lady the Qur'an. May Allah give the strength in sharing the wonderful knowledge.

Allah Knows Best