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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcoming a New Chapter in Life


Fuh2. Aha. Dusty page. 1 week over since I've updated this blog. But my life have not been that static. My real life is really interesting. Okay. At least I am up to something. Tired..sigh. On the 23rd of July 2010, I've been to assign to capture the memorable moments of IIUM Peers the 13 Batch Graduation dinner at Kunang-Kunang, Melati. Thanks a million to the crews for the hospitality. May Allah bless all of you and granted with strength to help people with the knowledge and skills obtained. Two days after that, which is on the 25th of July 2010, I was given the responsibility to capture the memorable shots of my cousin's engagement ceremony at Sri Kembangan, Serdang.

Another chapter of the story...

It is true that people always say that PENANTIAN ITU SUATU PENYEKSAAN. Even if the people that we are waiting for is late for a minute, we will start to look at our watch and probably call the persom to hurry. What about 4 months? Whoa...such a long period, isn't it. But personally, the 4 months is very precious as I've learnt a lot of things. Sewing, cooking, a little bit of gardening and the most important thing is spending time with my beloved parents...and cats. Ok kitty. Behave okay while I am away? Oyen, Panjang, Kopi, Lemon...

Attended the interview for the post of teacher at SRI Al- Amin Gombak...the place where I was tested to enter Standard One in 1994 before registering at SRI Al- Amin KL. What a memory. And now, 2010, am a teacher there. I was interviewed by 2 panelist- a teacher from the Examination & Evaluation Unit and the Vice Principle. Everything ran smoothly except it was quite hard for me to answer when they asked why did I choose Al- Amin Gombak when I can choose Al- Amin Bangi that is nearer to my home. The second hard (or rather 'cepucemas') is Bagaimana Dengan Rancangan Berumahtangga? Gulp... I just smiled when they asked this (kena tunggu org yang tahan saya byk ckp, puan. abah saya pun ckp macam tu). For the first question...ermm. Ok. Maybe find my own 'rumah sewa' or for the mean time, staying with a family-friend nearby would be the best choice.

I am not choosy when it come to career. But I say we did have to choose the best as to our knowledge. I could have choose a job that offered me around RM 2200- RM 2500. But I choose this job instead. What really triggered my interest is that, every month, they will put aside an amount of RM 50 for the Umrah/ Hajj fund. Teachers are also required to pay only RM 45 each month (lunch + tea break). Hmm..Alhamdulillah. Usually, each meal will cost us around RM 4-6 and every month (total cost around RM 300). Insya Allah...a good start for me to start saving.

But the most important thing to me when choosing a career is I want a work environment (bi'ah soleh) that I could practice my duties as a Muslimah (especially in terms of clothing & prayers). For a long term goals, it is for the sake of my family. My other half and kids in the future. I wish to bring up my kids on my own (tadika & sekolah lain cerita) but in terms of nursing and taking care of them. I did not wish to hire a 'bibik'. Why....

A little niece of mine during the engagement ceremony looked gloomy and sad. The 2 years old girl did not want to eat no matter how much we coaxed her. Why did this thing happened? Her maid @ bibik is away in Indonesia for a 2 months break. Its only 1 week and she had behaved in such a way. And her mother (my cousin's wife) looked so sad as her own daughter wouldn't listen to her and always think of Bibik.

Motherhood and wifey-hood is only moments away and some people might think that considering about whether to hire a maid or not to help with the household chores during your single days are too early. But as abah had always remind me "Nothing is too early. I even think about where to send my children (school-mainstream/ religious) before marriage".

A dream, huh?

Allah Knows Best.

Saturday, July 17, 2010



It’s been a while since I wrote something in this page. I’ve been a week in Waterfront Kuala Terengganu accompanying mum conducting a course there. Alhamdulillah as I gained a lot of experiences while being in other people’s place.

Food. Ok. I know I am bit into foods but really…the choices in Terengganu are really wonderful. With their famous keropok lekor and keropok keping, sagun, all kinds of dipping sauces and sweets. Visited the Pasar Payang on the second day there and received a memorable remark by a makcik there: Adik, cuti skoloh ka?. Err…do I look too young. Haha. No la kan. Why would the makcik think that I am still schooling when wife-hood and mummy-hood is just few years away?

Business. As to my observation, there are a numbers of jewelry shops around there. Every few steps you take, you are sure to meet at least one. Choosing other stuffs such as batik apparels and pieces should be done carefully as different shops selling the same product with different price range. Saw two interesting signboards and took me minutes to figure out what they meant actually (my Terengganu vocabulary are disaster): Roti Tempayang and Jeput Pisang which later I discover there are actually: Roti Tempayan (Roti Naan) and Jemput Pisang (or Cekodok). Lessons learnt: Learn others’ language before entering their territory ; p.

Places of Interest. I went to Pulau Wan Man or Taman Tamadun Islam where it houses the Crystal Mosque and other 20 replicas of mosques around the world but unfortunately, I did not really enter the vicinity of the interesting replicas for a closer look as it was around 12 noon and the sun was high in the sky. However, I got the chance to glance at few of them through the gate. They are really, really beautiful and should make the place a must visit place the next time I go there one day, Insya Allah.

Allah Knows Best…

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Las leyes de Probabilidades


Las lyes de Probabilidades. Cual significa "The Laws of Probabilities''. Hay tiempos en la vida cuando llega en el cruc. Usted tiene que tomar su propia decisión. A o B. Confuso? Si, soy.

Al mal tiempo, buena cara.
They said that: Be positive even in bad situations.


Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres
Birds of a a feather, flock together.

I am sorry friend for bothering you over tiny matters. I should have been strong. I should been able to make my own decisions.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exam oriented?


Recently, there was a proposal to abolish the Ujian Penilaian Menengah Rendah (UPSR) and Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination. The reason? They said that students nowadays are too exam oriented. Some people agreed and some didn’t. For those who wish to further their studies to boarding schools, they may opt to take special entry test.

From a student’s perspective

I just smiled while scheming into the news …imagining what would those who think that UPSR and PMR are too much if they are in my place (and some others who are in the same boat with me). Starting from Junior 5 at International Islamic College (Primary) in 1998, I was required to take Junior School Leaving Examination (JSLE). During Standard 6, I moved to a local Islamic school and took 2 exams in the year 1999- Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Sijil Penilaian Rendah Agama (SPRA). In 2000, I took the Ujian Penilaian Peralihan- an exam which is a must for Tingkatan Peralihan students of Yayasan Islam Kelantan schools. In 2001, there comes the Penilaian Menengah Rendah Ugama (PMRU). 2002, Peniliaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) and the final mission in 2004- Sijil Penilaian Malaysia (SPM). 7 in total. So kids, do not complain as you got only 3 big exams to face.

As for the preparations, frankly speaking, I hate the idea of tuitions and going to tuitions. Except for the Saturday class during Secondary 5 which I dug up RM 20 out of my own pocket money for the fees each month. I only have the time span of 8 months to prepare for my UPSR examination (which means I have to revise everything from standard 4-6 syllabus within this period) as the years before that I spent at a school with Singapore education syllabus. The only thing I am a little obsessed is buying exercise books (pantang nampak kedai buku).

School extracurricular activities that I enjoyed are Pergerakkan Syabab & Fatayat Malaysia (same level as Pengakap/ Scout) with its monthly and yearly camping, some sewing activities; Handball Club and other usual school activities. No music class, piano class, self-defense class to cramp my schedule. To enjoy music, I just hum to myself or listen to the radio.

Results? Please don’t ask the details how this ‘late bloomer’ scored (malu…). But I didn’t cared much. I mean, I am quite satisfied with what I obtained. I don’t look forward to be on the cover of newspapers as the country’s top scorer. I don’t look forward to be in boarding school. Got the offer to go to Maahad Muhammadi (P) Kelantan during Secondary 1 but I declined the offer and choose to go to a religious school in Selangor instead.

A teacher’s perspective

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at two different schools. In 2005, I was given the opportunity to teach tahap 1 students (standard 1-3) and in 2008 a teacher for standard 2, 5, and 6. The 2008 exposed me to students in the exam moods (standard 6). After the official school hours finished at 2:30pm, I have to stay back until 5:30pm for their extra class. Teaching in class is a very tiring job but you are surely to put a smile when the results are released. I didn’t expect that everyone would get flat 5 as I am aware that different students have different abilities. It is enough for me, as a teacher, for the students to have good manners, adab and akhlaq.

I myself sometimes would stress out if I followed each and every nook of the text book. How about those students? To give a fun experience in learning, I sometimes gave them word puzzles that are related to the syllabus. I could observed that they enjoyed very much each time there are word game sessions- especially during the extra classes hour.

The conclusion?

In my humble opinion, I would just say that “Let the exam stays”. But the important thing is study at your own pace. Not everyone have the IQ of super- genius. Everyone have their own strengths and weakness. Exam is not the end. Exam is just a test. There are seven types intelligence, as Gardner says. Not just mathematics and numbers.

Manage your time. Have a good rest. Not everyone needs tuition. To save time and energy, make full use of your class hours.

Thursday, July 1, 2010



Insya Allah after a long break (anggaplah macam semester break 3 bulan tu), my life will start to be busy, again. Starting this Sunday morning following mum to motivation + study programme (known as BAKTI PETRONAS) at SK Bukit Bangsar. Honestly I miss those kids. Eventhough I only follow the programme like once in a blue moon (if I went back home during my undergraduate days), they did call me 'TEACHER' (I don't teach, just doing some observation. Agaknya ada cop 'CIKGU' kot..hehe). This time, the mission will also include some photo shoots (my photography mentor said: Jangan malu. Nak belajar).

After Zuhur, will go back to my grandma's place in Batu Pahat to stay for a night and heading straight to JB on Sunday morning for daddy's cousin wedding ceremony. The journey will continue to Singapore if the time permits. Just have to get ready with our passports and planning the best route to reach there. The first time I went to Singapore was May 2009-right after discharge from the hospital for diagnosis. The verdict? Cried in the car as my muscles/ spine got crammed due to the long queue at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

What I like about Singapore is that their country is VERY CLEAN even though their citizens are not majority Muslims. Haven't had the chance to have a ride on their LRT/ Monorails yet but people said the commuters are VERY DISCIPLINED when boarding and getting of the coaches. Unlike what is experienced here. As during my study days I have to commute almost every weekend to went back to my house in Bangi, riding the PUTRA LRT and KTMB Commuter were the only convenient choice. Let just forget about the delayed schedules, packed coaches, undisciplined passengers.

The week after will be a trip to Terengganu to accompany mum conduct training there and on the 17th July (Friday) a photo shoot job for IIUM Peers Batch 13 graduation dinner. I am really thankful to Allah for opening my heart to join the IIUM Counselling Department support group 3 years ago as I have benefited a lot from it. Apart from emotional support and training, I do gain some other self development experiences. Thank you crews.

Am now searching for a place to take a course in Baking. Found a place which offers a Diploma in Baking but as the programme will take at least a year, I may consider it later. At the mean time, I'm hoping to undergo a 3 month (a short time course) before continueing my studies at Masters level.

Speaking about taking a step further for my degree, I am not sure what had openned my heart (aish...) to do so. At first, I think to venture into the career world first as mum had been wishing to take early resignation (probably by next year) and I am ready to take the responsibilities as I am the eldest child and grandchild on her side. But as she said its okay to do so with the funds available, I am ready to take the challenge. I do miss sometimes the times studying with my best friend Hidayu- whom Prof Malik Badri called us TWINS. So, the next mission would be finding a referee to obtain their approvals.

From left: Hidayu, me, and Icah (releasing the boredom after conducting heaps of experiments).

Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir...
Rabbi Tammim Bikhair.

Rabbana Aatina Fiddunia Hasanah...
Wa Fil Aakhiratil Hasanah...
Waqina Azabannaar...


Allah Knows Best whats the Best For Us..