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Friday, January 28, 2011

Muhammad Nabina by Hamada Helal

(Muhammad Nabina by Hamada Helal)


The nasyeed above dedicated specially to my dearest mum, for her endless support until this moment. Mum love this song (which I accidentally stumble upon it on You Tube). Thanks to beloved abah too. Both of your du'a really helped a lot. May Allah Shower His Blessings upon both of you, always.

Allah Knows Best

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Muslim headscrarf forces teen girl to bench in hoops game

By Cameron Smith

A teenage girl in Maryland was the victim of religious persecution in a youth basketball league earlier this week, when 12-year-old Maheem Haq, a Muslim, was forced to sit on the bench for the first half of a basketball game because of her headscarf.

According to WJZ TV in Baltimore, Haq refused to take off her headscarf when a Hagerstown youth basketball league ref requested she do so. Her refusal led the ref to bar her from the game's first half.

"We were very upset when we heard about it," Connie Cline, the mother of one of Haq's teammates told WJZ. "She has been able to play the entire time and there's never been a problem."

While the referee's decision has been widely condemned, the official was technically within his right, because the Mid-Maryland Girls Basketball league hadn't asked for a specific exemption to allow Haq to wear her religious wrap in games. The official in question, who has not been named, deemed that the scarf represented a safety hazard and banned Haq from the game on those grounds. It has already been announced that the referee will face no penalty for his decision to force Haq out of competition.

"The referee was within his rights. He was right to do what he did," Mid-Maryland Girls' Basketball's Daphnie Campbell told WJZ-TV. "I will accept full responsibility for it. Being new, no, I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know I had to ask for permission, I didn't know a letter had to be on file. I didn't know anything of that."

Still, the decision was a surprising one, because it was the first time any referee had made a comment about Haq's headwrap. The 12-year-old had previously played basketball while wearing a headscarf for three years without incident.

The television station reported that Haq's team actually offered to forfeit the game as a protest of the perceived discrimination against the Muslim player, but Haq's family refused to allow it. Instead, the teen's father said his daughter sitting out the half was a way to stand up for her religious beliefs and prove one can accommodate both Muslim traditions and modern American pastimes.

Since the disputed matchup, Haq has been allowed to return to game action with her headscarf thanks to a new league bylaw, which stipulates that a written request from any athlete's parents is enough to grant a uniform exemption.

Haq's parents filed that paperwork, and the 12-year-old is back competing with her teammates.

"I was upset a little bit because I really wanted to play and I enjoy playing basketball," Haq told WJZ. ...

"[Now] I feel really happy. I feel great."

While the incident may have led to some hurt feelings, Haq's coach said his player's insistence on maintaining her beliefs also helped teach a life lesson to her teammates.

"I do feel that some people were offended or emotions were hurt, and that's not what we're here for. We're here to learn sports and maybe some life skills along the way," said Coach Mark Hershner

Shared from Yahoo News.


From my own experience, I faced no problem wearing full clothing as a Muslim teenage lady, particularly for sports. Alhamdulillah my former netball trainees last year scored the best for their friendly netball tournament despite their clothing.

I had once 'jumped' into a swimming pool at a hotel (while accompanying my mum for her trainings) wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and a 60'' headscarf (although I think the hotel's staff looked at me in a weird way).

There are many benefits of covering the aurah. Protects from fitnah ; I think I feel more secure wearing loose clothing for sports as you would be jumping, fall, run during games. In daily life, there are times that require us to run ( like rushing to the LRT coach before the door closes), kejar bas, being squashed like a can of sardines in the KTM commuter coach (minimize the risk of any unwanted harassment).

It also makes our job easier when it is time to perform the prayer especially when you need to rush @ attend to other matters after that. Just make sure that the clothing are free from najis. Recently, went to KLCC to meet up with mum who had a meeting there. The time is already 7:30pm the moment I stepped out from the LRT. Went to the surau and there...the crowd was just...WHOA! Luckily I still have my wudhu'. Looked around for a suitable spot among the crowd and perform my Maghrib prayer.

Remembered few years back. Me and my family was on our back from our kampung in Johor and stopped by a surau to perform the prayers. A makcik at the surau upon seeing me wearing a baju kurung without putting on the telekung and about to angkat takbir said " Adik, telekung ada kat belakang tu". She said it repeatedly but I just gave her a smile and proceed with my prayers.

What a Muslim girl need is to strongly hold on and be proud of what she have.

May Allah give us strength and guidance for us to be a better 'abid, Insya Allah.

Allah Knows Best.

Friday, January 21, 2011



thanks Google

Yesterday, watched a TV documentary about crocodile. Yes students. C.R.O.C.O.D.I.LE. They ate people when they felt threatened. Hundreds of people here in Malaysia had became their victims.

Age? They can live up to 100++ years.

Can grow up to 32 feet long. We? Are only around 4- 5 feet.


I am now not teaching science to my standard 1 students. Depa baru sampai bab tubuh badan manusia. Bab haiwan after this.

Just for the sake of sharing. But I am attracted to their qualities.

Garang. Agak (memang?) ganas.

My students like to say " Alamak...cikgu garang''. Saya la tu.

Despite known as a fierce, killing animals, crocodiles are FAMILY- MAN (or FAMILY CROCODILE?). Shall wait until their babies are hatched. Care for them.

Belajar lah sesuatu dari alam yang indah ciptaanNYA ini =)

Macam-macam hikmah dapat.

Allah Knows Best

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Honestly I fell in love with the little baby above. Even though she sleeps all the time when I hold her. Met her at my cousin's wedding. Yesterday, had the chance to hold a colleague's 4 months old baby. Itu pun dah rasa macam tak nak lepas...ngaaaa =)

Ok. Lari tajuk pula kan?

I am always amazed and like to read stories on how people converted to Islam. Back then, everytime I bought new magazines, I quickly flip through the pages to get to the column/ pages of reverts story. Not paying much attention to the magazine's main issue or advertisements.

Few nights ago, I listened to a radio interview with a Chinesse revert (betul kah perkataan ini?). Learn from the talk.... About Chinese cooking. Hokkein food, Sechuan food, Cantonese... Ehe? Yup. Cooking... as the lucky man operates Chinese Muslim cuisine restaurant and planning to open more outlets soon. Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name. Tinggalkan makanan kejap. What grab my attention is the moments before he officially embraces Islam years ago. He diligently attend a personal religious class and coaching from an ustaz. Here, it shows the importance of a good friend/ person to guide someone (a non-Muslim) who shows interest towards Islam.

I remembered during Secondary 1 in Rawang...the shop lot across our school back then houses a church. Our teacher always reminded us to show good examples. Abah once said to always portray your best example (manners etc) as a Muslim to the Non Muslims.

As I told a close friend of mine, a Chinese man (who is a friend of my aunt), always ask about Islam. Once, he asked me about the meaning of an ayat (verse) of the Qur'an. Recently, he proudly showed to me his new tafseer Qur'an and asked me where he could obtain more of the kitab at- tafseer. I suggested to him to go to few Islamic bookstores that abah sometimes takes me along with him whenever he 'hunts' for books.

Da'wah is not limited to the Non Muslims. Da'wah is also equally important to our family members and friends. The simplest or the most basic (and MOST IMPORTANT) is asking our kids to perform their prayers. Not to forget to remind the people around us to perform the solat when the muazzin calls to prayer. Thanks Abah and Mama for always asking me and sister " Dah solat?''. Hoping that me and my husband in the future to always remind our children and show good examples to them. And abah purposely 'leave his books (his du'a books, kitabs etc) around' the house as a way for us to read them.

Going to 6 different schools and educational institutions gave me the chance to met with people from different backgrounds. The most challenging place ever I think is at my institute of higher education. But Alhamdulillah having the responsibility to 'protect' my friends, I always tried to improve myself from time to time. Try to attend to their questions and problems with my utmost best with the little knowledge I have. The important thing to remember is to first get to know your friends so that you could give and use the best technique/ most suitable way in communicating with them.


It begins with our own self. Clean our heart. Strengthen our faith. As...there's LAW OF ATTRACTION. To attract good thing, we our self must first be good. Show good examples and practice them.


Du'a. Pray to Allah. As he knows what's in our self.

Kerana hidayah itu milikNYA.

Kerana hati tak pernah sepi
Dari titik noda dunia.

Kerana hati itu suci
Tempat jatuhnya wahyu hidayah dari Illahi.

Allah Knows Best

p/s: Reminder to my self

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Moment Together

Some of my colleagues during the recent farewell gathering. Some teachers have to leave to fulfill other responsibilities.

May Allah Shower His Blessings upon us.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baked egg in the hole of the centre of a bread


Aihh..panjangnya nama resipi... sapa nak kasi idea nama pendek sikit?

Alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang untuk buat sesuatu sebagai alas perut a.k.a dinner. Masih tertimbus diri ini di timbunan kerja-kerja awalan tahun... Beserta milo ais yang sentiasa di simpan stok dalam peti ais (mak pun kata: milo je la kamu ni).

p/s: Esok mahu ke opis lagi satu a.k.a Kaunseling Opis UIAM pagi-pagi sebelum mula sekolah 11:30 am. Suka hati mahu sibuk-sibuk kat situ. 2 bulan kot tak pergi. Alih-alih, konseler mesej tanya..."Lama tak mai. Busy ke cikgu?".

Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat...

Monday, January 3, 2011



Some photo coverage during the recent Taaruf Day for Standard 1 students at my school.
(tertanya-tanya bila mahu ada si kecik macam mereka...ngeee. Main gaduh-gaduh dengan budak-budak pun kadang best juga)

pasti ada hujan air mata di hari pertama persekolahan...
Berdoa semoga segalanya berjalan dengan lancar dan dikurniakan keberkatan olehnya... dan moga Muallimah Mairah tak garang lah ye ;)

Allah Knows Best