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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of Kuih Tart, Sewing, Life and Patience


1- Kuih Tart.

Kuih tart is one of my favourite 'kuih raya' besides popia mini. Could eat a jar (aigooo) while ignoring other cookies available on the table.

But I guess now it is not only limited during eid or Chinese New Year. As a solution to my love towards the cookie, I decided to try my hand in making it.

mini traffic light tarts- I guess

The process of baking is quite tedious, though. At first, I have to divide the dough into three parts. Each for three different colours- for the sake of little fun and happiness. Then, the stage of rolling the dough into small balls- not bigger than the size of keys on your laptop's keyboard- 1.5cm. After that, the step of stuffing the pineapple jam and rolling back the dough.Almost 1 1/2 hours. Luckily, the baking process doesn't take that much time. Only 12 minutes/ 180 Celsius for each batch.

It really tested my patience... something to learn and develop this virtue in myself.

But it's worth it. Alhamdulillah. Now I have the access to Kuih Tart whenever I want (^^,).

2. Sewing.

I like to sew. Arts and craft, to be exact. A bit slow when it comes to baju kurung. I remembered there's Sewing Class during my days in primary school (IIC-Adni). Teacher Asfalaila was the instructor back than. She taught us how to make applique (like patch work), blanket sticth and cross stitch. And now thanks a lot to my dearest mum for letting us (me & sister) to sometimes 'abuse' her sewing machine. During the previous 1 week school break, I 'buried' myself into this cross-stitch project. A bunch of purple flowers. 60% of completion. Dealing with 24 different colours of thread for this particular fun.

3. Books.

Apart from sewing and cooking, I tried to read some books during the break. Found some old novel ( Serious Malay Literature- not that 'geli-geli' type) that abah bought years ago.

Went for groccery shopping with mama at Alamanda Putrajaya and there, MPH Bookstore hosted a warehouse sale in the concourse area. Their premise is currently under renovation. Treat myself with 3 new books. Alhamdulillah. Semoga koleksi buku yang ada dapat di wariskan dan dimanfaatkan oleh generasiku nanti...

4. Poetry

I hate writing. I hate seeing my own writings, actually. Besau =). I observed someone's writing in the person's book that is in my room at home. So kecik. Kadang jelous tengok tulisan orang yang kecil-kecik (lala). Tapi Alhamdulillah masih diberi kekuatan untuk menulis.

Had a chat with my best friend, Nurul. Over our online conversation, I typed a phrase of thought. Quite spontaneous.

''Usah kau bertanya mengapa ku bersedih. Usah kau soal mengapa ku menangis. Usah kau runsing mengapa ku berdiam. Kerana segala jawaban akan ku simpan erat menjadi sebuah rahsia..."

Ups and downs of life are sometimes too beautiful. Never mourn at a pouring heavy rain as who might gave you rainbows and sunshine.

Never compiled what I wrote. Its thrown everywhere...ahaaa (^^,)

Allah Knows Best.

Notes that Soothes the Heart


Thanks a million to a dear friend who sent this word of wisdom when I am facing the turmoils in life.

" You have to accept the inescapable fact, which is that you will encounter in life that you cannot change, but you can deal with through patience and faith- Dr A'id al- Qarani "

Hujan yang lebat yang diiringi petir yang hebat pasti akan di susuli oleh si pelangi yang indah, ye tak acik ?

Allah Knows Best

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mid Break =)


Today is the last day before the 1 week school holiday next week (12-20 March 2011). Yipee! Alhamdulillah...Okay...the teacher is more excited, I guess. After back-to-back of school's big events, now, its the time for a little bit of rest while fulfilling the responsibilities towards both of my parents.

Shall miss the morning routine of walking to the bus stop and to the school gate for almost 500m...greeted by little smiles upon reaching school, browsing through the newspapers (the HR person noticed that I almost hold my breath while reading them).

Selamat Bercuti Sekolah to all school folks. To my dear little students, please don't forget your books, your solat.

What's your plan for the break?

Take care =)

Allah Knows Best

Monday, March 7, 2011

25thn Al- Amin: Personal Notes


Cikgu, saya dah dewasa. Ingat lagi tak kat budak 1 Umar yang nakal ni dulu? Terima kasih atas segala ilmu dan tunjuk ajar... (during recent seminar in Bagan Lalang).

Last Saturday (5th March 2011)...there was the Sambutan 25 Tahun Jubli Perak Al- Amin and I am thankful to be part of the joyous occasion. 17 years ago (1994) I started my school days at Al- Amin Keramat. The little 'campus' had not changed much since then...same goes to the memories treasured inside me.

In class... Standard 1 Umar. I remembered, my class teacher back than was Cikgu Marina Muhammad. Taught me Mathematics.

At school, I was quite mischievous and brave. Tak kisah apa orang kata... homework, the unfinished one, still managed to complete it before passing it up under the desk. Ok. I did not sit under the table but I wrote the unfinished work with the book inside the desk (with the hope that teachers didn't notice it).

During break, I managed to finished up the Nasi Lemak with hot and spicy sambal without any water...tak macam budak darjah 1...even the bell had rang (time to get back to class).

Coloured the picture of an apple in my arabic writing book colourfuly...not only limited to red or green colour.

Pening sudah cikgu-cikgu saya ketika itu...
With Muallimah 1994, she was my Seerah teacher in Al- Amin KL. In 2011 Al- Amin Gombak, she's my partner in Kelab Kraftangan... she will always be my teacher =). .


I entered SMI Al- Amin Bangi. With the initial intention to further my studies in Science stream. But it only lasted or a week as a week before the school 1st term examination, I made a dramatic decision...I changed to Accounting stream. With Muallimah Tetty helping tutoring me with the 4 months topic unlearned in just 1 week. Alhamdulillah managed to get about 70% in my first attempt. Thank you teacher!

But the love of Science didn't just die like that. If I had the chance, I love to observed my friends in the Science doing their experiments with the best I 've ever involved is helping them out in dissecting frogs and drawing the poor reptiles' organs.

2010- Now

I could not believe that now, I am one of teachers at SRI Al- Amin back to what my teachers and school had given to me in shaping myself to be a better person. With the same school anthem and logo as 17 years ago...the first moment I joined Al- Amin as a student.

Terima kasih cikgu...

Allah Knows Best

25thn Al-Amin: Skuad Kadet KRS

25thn Al-Amin: Lintas Hormat


Day/ date: 5 March 2011 Saturday.
Venue: Saidina Hamzah Stadium, UIAM.